Optimized (but not debug) builds fail to compile setlocale.cpp with the error:

$ cat t.cpp; CC -c t.cpp
#include <cwchar>
"/opt/sunpro/12_3/prod/include/cc/wchar.h", line 90: Error: tm is not defined.
"/opt/sunpro/12_3/prod/include/cc/wchar.h", line 92: Error: fgetwc is not 

and so on for every wide-char function in wchar.h.

The definition of _XOPEN_SOURCE at the top of setlocale.cpp is not entirely correct in that it interacts with the various guards in the C library headers. AFAICT, Oracle/Sun wchar.h includes C library wchar.h, which includes C library wctype.h, which includes again wchar.h, coming full circle to the compiler wchar.h which uses the names w/o them being defined, yet. The fact that Oracle/Sun headers include_next corresponding C library headers outside of a inclusion guard does not help.

(Debug builds are not affected because of interaction from the difference in the structure and includes of rw/_traits.h in debug vs. optimized builds).

The poor man's fix is to guard that _XOPEN_SOURCE define for SUNPro builds (see below). However, I am not sure whose side the error is.


PS. Is it still called SUNPro? Oracles seems it has sanitized that name out on their website.

Index: src/setlocale.cpp
--- src/setlocale.cpp   (revision 1388733)
+++ src/setlocale.cpp   (working copy)
@@ -34,8 +34,10 @@
 #include <rw/_defs.h>

 #if defined (__linux__) && !defined (_XOPEN_SOURCE)
+#  if !defined (__SUNPRO_CC)
    // need S_IFDIR on Linux
 #  define _XOPEN_SOURCE
+#  endif // !__SUNPRO_CC
 #endif   // __linux__ && !_XOPEN_SOURCE

 #include <locale.h>   // for setlocale()

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