On 07/18/13 09:03 PM, Brett Porter wrote:
At this month's board meeting, a resolution was passed to move Apache C++ 
Standard Library to the Attic, due to inactivity.

The Attic home page [1] contains some details about its purpose - it is the 
destination for Apache projects that can no longer provide oversight or muster 
votes for a release. It isn't a reflection on the contributors or the codebase, 
and is intended to be non-impacting to users.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments, or if you are 
available to work with the Attic to help with the transition of resources.
This was a stupid decision made by bureaucrats. The project still has potential and the lack of vision and belief from the "board" that those interested could actually achieve it - it's flat out disappointing. What's it "cost" the board to actually let it have another chance? There are other passionate people like myself who use the software everyday.. It's a silent community... This decision came from those who had some issue with the project for a long time and wouldn't stop until they had their way... I may be wrong and apologies if I am, but the behind the scenes information I have points in one direction only.

-1 ASF

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