On 10/20/2013 08:59 PM, James McNellis wrote:

What is the process for making updates to the Stdcxx Wiki?  In the past, I was able to 
make changes directly to the Wiki, but all of the pages are now shown as "Immutable 
Page," even when I am logged in.  I would like to make several corrections and 
updates to the C++0x Compiler Support page 

I also can't edit it. My guess is that the Wiki has been made
read only because the ASF board decided to shut down the project
a few months ago. The project chair (Jim Jagielski) should be
able to answer this question definitively, assuming he bothers
to read this list anymore.

Another possibility is that this is a accidental consequence
of a permissions change we requested a few months ago to help
us control spam.

I don't know how tell which it is, but I suspect the former
is more likely. I'd wait for the chair to illuminate us on
the project status before raising a question about the second
possibility on infra.


Thank you-

James McNellis
Senior Software Development Engineer
Visual C++ Libraries

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