Github user revans2 commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: conf/defaults.yaml ---
    @@ -182,7 +195,7 @@ worker.log.level.reset.poll.secs: 30
     # control how many worker receiver threads we need per worker
     topology.worker.receiver.thread.count: 1
    -task.heartbeat.frequency.secs: 3
    +task.heartbeat.frequency.secs: 60
    --- End diff --
    This is a bit scary.  Why is the default now 20 times bigger than it was 
before?  If this is just for scale we should drop it back to the default and 
write up documentation on how to scale a cluster much larger.  Even in that 
case I don't feel comfortable with waiting 10+ mins for a worker to time out in 
the worst case.


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