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    +title: Metrics Reporting API v2
    +layout: documentation
    +documentation: true
    +Apache Storm version 1.2 introduced a new metrics system for reporting
    +internal statistics (e.g. acked, failed, emitted, transferred, disruptor 
queue metrics, etc.) as well as a 
    +new API for user defined metrics.
    +The new metrics system is based on [Dropwizard 
    +## User Defined Metrics
    +To allow users to define custom metrics, the following methods have been 
added to the `TopologyContext`
    +class, an instance of which is passed to spout's `open()` method and 
bolt's `prepare()` method:
    +    public Timer registerTimer(String name)
    +    public Histogram registerHistogram(String name)
    +    public Meter registerMeter(String name)
    +    public Counter registerCounter(String name)
    +    public Gauge registerGauge(String name, Gauge gauge)
    +API documentation: 
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    nit: Guage -> Gauge. Missed spot while reviewing 1.x doc. Could you also 
please raise a patch for 1.x version too?


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