Thanks for your comments, Michael.  If you've been following the dev
list lately, you've seen some beginning discussions on a Struts 2.0
rearchitecting that would indeed leverage everything we've all learned
in the four years since Struts was first created.  I have some
specific proposals to make in this regard, which I'll be sharing when
I return from an extended trip next week.

That being said, one of the factors that has made Struts so popular is
a commitment to take care of existing users.  It would be somewhat
irresponsible for us to completely stopping development of the Struts
1.x architecture, or just doing bug fixes.  Therefore, we need to do a
1.3 release in the interim time period, focused on a small number of
changes, such as:

* Changing base API platform to Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2,
  so Struts apps can count on things like filters and event

* Refactoring the RequestProcessor class to use Commons Chain
  (based on the code in the "contrib/struts-chain) that supports the
  1.2 request processing lifecycle semantics, but is more easily
  customized than the current architecture.  You'll also be able to
  use the Chain paradigm for your own business logic if you like.

* Provide a second request processor implementation chain that
  operates in a portlet (JSR-168) environment.

* Split the Struts monolithic release into separate releases of the
  core framework, the tag libraries, the examples, and so on.
  This will help us accelerate the turnaround of releases.

In the near future, you'll also see the initial release candidate of
the Struts-Faces integration library (packaged separately from the
rest of Struts) that allows JavaServer Faces to be used with Struts
1.1 or 1.2 based applications, including the use of the Tiles
Framework and the Validator Framework.

Note that I do *not* see any of the developers interested in
continuing the development of the Struts HTML tag libraries, as other
view tier choices (like JSF) are becoming available.


PS:  With regards to migrating to SVN (commented on in one of the
replies), doing both 1.3 and 2.0 together on SVN will be vastly more
productive than using CVS for 1.3 and SVN for 2.0.

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