we are sorry to hear this, since this page entry first and foremost
represents you personal, unexpirable merit in contributing to the growth
and maintenance of a software project quite a few people found and still
find useful.

We respect your decision and wish you all the best. If your feelings
change in future, just drop us a line and we will happily reestablish
the former state.

- René
on behalf of the Struts PMC

Am 25.02.21 um 10:18 schrieb Antonio Petrelli:
> Greetings
> I am Antonio Petrelli, former PMC member of Struts, Tiles and Velocity.
> Following the removal of Marko Rodriguez from the TinkerPop project I would
> like to express my disappointment against Apache Software Foundation, that
> when I was involved was all about merit and meritocracy. Policing thought
> and speech was never its mission and now the woke and cancel culture ruined
> it all.
> So please I want to express my disappointment by asking you to remove my
> name from the list of emeritus volunteers in your Struts website.
> I hope you understand
> Antonio Petrelli

René Gielen

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