On 3/17/2022 9:47 AM, Lukasz Lenart wrote:
śr., 16 mar 2022 o 14:02 Yasser Zamani <yasserzam...@apache.org> napisał(a):

Hi Greg,

Thanks for asking and testing!

Firstly simply run all your app tests, you shouldn't see any WARN log
like "Expression blahblah isn't allowed by pattern blahblah! See
Accepted / Excluded patterns at

Secondly see if your following components are functioning correctly
regarding java-scripts:
forms with client side validations

Also check your StreamResults, AliasInterceptors and JasperReportResults
if you have.

Yasser, can you add such notes to the Internal Changes section in the
Version Notes?

Yes sure thanks for heads up! done :)

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