Just a quick report about what happened and what I've done (things are
okay now).

There was an svn-role (automatic backport) mixup last night: some
revisions were still correct, but the last 6 automated backport
commits were wrong (mixed STATUS changes with wrong actual changes
etc). Cause: the cronjob of backport.pl was running simultaneously on
svn-qavm2 (old machine) and svn-qavm3 (new machine we're migrating to,
see [1]), creating a race.

For now, I've just renamed the backport.pl script on qavm2, so it
can't be run from cron anymore. I've reverted the incorrect backport
commits, and manually ran the backport.pl script on qavm3 to redo the
correct backports. That seems to have worked out OK, so all is fine
now ... carry on (or: keep calm and resolve conflicts :-).

[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-12289


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