Ivan Zhakov <i...@visualsvn.com> writes:

> I suggest to change behavior to something like the following:
> [[[
> $ svn resolve
> Searching tree conflict details for
> 'D:\ivan\svn\test-wc\add-versus-add\foo' in repository:
> Checking r5... done
> Tree conflict on 'D:\ivan\svn\test-wc\add-versus-add\foo':
> File merged from '^/trunk/foo@2' to '^/branches/b1/foo@16' was moved
> to '^/branches/b1/bar' by ivan in r5.
> A file which differs from the corresponding file on the merge source
> branch was found in the working copy.
> Resolution options:
>   (p)  - postpone
>   (r)  - mark as resolved
>   (m)  - move and merge
>   (h)  - help
>   (q)  - postpone all remaining conflicts

I'd love to see the layout like this:

 Resolution options:
   (p) Postpone
   (r) Mark as resolved
   (m) Move and merge
   (h) Help
   (q) Postpone all remaining conflicts

Which changes to this, if the user selects "Help":

 Resolution options:
   (p) Postpone (skip this conflict and leave it unresolved) [postpone]
   (r) Mark as resolved (accept current working copy state) [working]
   (m) Move and merge (move '^/subversion/trunk/subversion/libsvn_client/foo'
       to 'subversion\libsvn_client\bar' and merge)
   (h) Help
   (q) Postpone all remaining conflicts

Evgeny Kotkov

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