I applied your patch on trunk and nominated it for the next 1.9 release. I 
created a similar patch for 1.8 as the code has the same bug there. I think the 
problem became visible after checking the accepted failures was improved in our 
ra-serf library.

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From: Doros Agathangelou
Sent: vrijdag 14 oktober 2016 02:37
To: dev@subversion.apache.org
Subject: [PATCH] Fix for temporarily accepting ssl certificate not working 

Hi All

I discovered a small bug in javahl and I believe I have a one line patch that 
fixes it.

When connecting to a server via https and a self signed certificate is used on 
the server, we get a callback on UserPasswordCallback.askTrustSSLServer() 
method that asks the user whether to reject the certificate, accept it 
temporarily or accept it permanently.

If we choose temporarily, whatever operation we were attempting fails with a 
certificate not trusted error. The bug can be seen in a live environment by 
using the subclipse plugin under Eclipse and trying to load a repository using 
https:// from a server with a self signed certificate. When the accept 
certificate dialog comes up, hit accept temporarily and you can see that the 
operation fails because the certificate is not trusted.

As for the fix:
The following excerpt from Prompter.cpp shows the cred->accepted_failures = 
failures; line. This is the line that 'accepts' any identified errors.

This line can be seen under the AcceptPermanently section but it is missing 
under the AcceptTemporary section. Adding the line to the AcceptTemporary 
section fixes this problem. The difference between the two blocks of code then 
becomes whether the credentials may be saved or not (i.e. the cred->may_save 

 switch (authn.ask_trust_ssl_server(::Java::String(env, question), may_save))
      cred->may_save = FALSE;
         cred->accepted_failures = failures;   // ** NEW LINE I ADDED **
      *cred_p = cred;
      cred->may_save = TRUE;
      cred->accepted_failures = failures;
      *cred_p = cred;
      *cred_p = NULL;
  return SVN_NO_ERROR;

   Fix for temporarily accepting ssl certificate not working in javahl

   * subversion/bindings/javahl/native/Prompter.cpp
   (accept certificate temporarily): set the accepted failures to the 
identified failures in the temporarily accepted section

Best Regards

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