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Johan Corveleyn wrote on Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 10:18:35 +0200:
Omitting the '=' also doesn't cut it:

C:\autoprops\wc\trunk\dir>svn pg svn:auto-props --show-inherited-props
C:\autoprops\wc - *.txt = svn:eol-style=native

C:\autoprops\wc\trunk - *.txt =

C:\autoprops\wc\trunk\dir>svn add test.txt
svn: E135001: Unrecognized line ending style '' for
Quoting ~/.subversion/config:

     ### The format of the entries is:
     ###   file-name-pattern = propname[=value][;propname[=value]...]

So the «=value» part is allowed to be omitted entirely, but what are the
semantics of that?  They don't seem to be documented.

It seems to me that we can *define* that if the = sign is absent, then
the value of the property will be not "" but NULL.
Unfortunately the implementation
(libsvn_client/add.c:all_auto_props_collector()) already explicitly
handles 'propname' as if it were 'propname=', i.e., sets the value to
"". Since the "documentation" in the generated config file already
implies that the '=' can be absend, I'd say this behaviour is pretty
much set in stone.

-- Brane
 From a user's point of view I'm also not sure whether a syntax of *.foo
= k1 would be intuitive to read as if that's unsetting the property...
Personally I wouldn't get that behavior tbh, without reading the
That's a good point. Also from a user's perspective, I'd find it
extremely confusing that, having seen an svn:auto-props value containing:

     *.txt = svn:eol-style=native

and then 'svn add'ing foo.txt, to find that the newly added file has,
e.g., svn:keywords set because some auto-props value higher up in the
tree happens to specify it for the '*.txt' pattern.

If we change the behaviour so that a rule for a (case-insensitive)
pattern completely overrides a hierarchically previoius rule, we can
also introduce the concept of disabling auto-props rules; e.g., just
having a

     *.txt =

could mean "do nothing with files matching '*.txt' from this point
onwards." I think that would be a quite valuable addition to the
auto-props feature set.

-- Brane
Maybe it's possible to extend the grammar to provide a way to include inherited settings without breaking backwards compatibility?
Aka something like:
:inherit:;*.txt = svn:eol-style=native

Stefan Hett

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