This one is the original 128MB PUT test but on a Raspberry Pi Zero W
(client and server). Raspbian is based on Debian Jesse which uses Svn
1.8.10. The Zero has 512MB RAM and a 1Ghz ARM chip (the same spec as the
original Pi).  Performance was 1/6 of the CHUWI HiBox Smart Mini PC 4GB RAM
w/ a Quad Core Intel x5-Z8350 (used at the start of this thread).

Compression makes no difference here. The only differentiator is Rep
Sharing on the second and subsequent PUT (25% saving or cost, dep. on POV).
Well that and Svn 1.9.5 vs 1.8.10.

This setup would be good for documents, and music files, but not movies - I
don't know where it will crap out, butI suspect that it will. Apache has
timeouts after all. *And don't we all have war stories about timeouts and

- Paul

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