Johan Corveleyn wrote:
As discussed in [1] I'm working on migrating our wiki from MoinMoin to

After ironing out most of the big issues, I think the current "test
conversion" is ready for review by a larger audience. I'd like to
perform the final migration next Tuesday the 27th, after 21h (GMT+1),

Excellent news!

From a little look around, I found these:

(Meta) In Confluence I could not find a way to view the source. No "edit" option is not shown for me. The "View Source" option isn't working: instead of showing source, it shows an alternative rendered view.

MoinMoin "{{{#!wiki comment" blocks were hidden from view in MoinMion and are rendered as visible "note" blocks in Confluence. e.g. there is one right at the end of this page:
(I couldn't find a way to search for them in either system. I don't know if we mind them being visible. I don't mind the two on this page being visible.)

Paragraph joining (line re-wrapping) is not working: source line breaks are being rendered as output line breaks in Confluence. Particularly noticeable in e.g.
because the source lines are short.

Superscript: e.g. "10^th^ to 14^th^ June" in the first line of
(Could be fixed afterwards.)

(I have just corrected the superscript mark-up in
It was "23^^rd^^", now "23^rd^". I was able to check using search query "\^\^" and that was the only page with such an error.)

- We have one page which redirects to another page: SvnMergeTheory ->
SymmetricMerge. We could also simply omit SvnMergeTheory from the
conversion, and redirect the old SvnMergeTheory page on MoinMoin
directly to SymmetricMerge on cwiki (to avoid breaking existing
links). Should we do that?

I think the best thing is to prioritize making the old site's redirection logic as simple as possible. Probably that is to have a "SvnMergeTheory" page of some sort on Confluence (a redirection within Confluence if possible, or whatever works), and so the old site can just redirect <base_url><page_name> to <confluence_url><page_name> for all page URLs, whether they are redirection pages or not.

Then any future updates to the Wiki can be handled purely in Confluence, no matter what kind of page is involved.

- Escapes for a literal [, ], {, }, -- etc. should not be done in
{noformat} blocks. Will fix.

Also long runs of dashes "-------" were reduced to just four dashes "----" in e.g.

I do not feel it is important to fix all of these issues in the conversion. Nice of course, but not as important as getting it done.

One more thought: Having put in all this work, I wonder if most of what you have achieved can be re-used. (Some was manual tweaking, I know.) Several other Apache projects might be interested in using your updated converter to do an equivalent migration.

Thanks for all this work!

- Julian

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