Could I get a second pair of eyes on this please.

I was wondering whether we should point out that svn+ssh:// may do its
own compression (as in, 'ssh -C').

Daniel wrote on Tue, 06 Mar 2018 12:58 +0000:
> * staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html
>   (#lz4-over-the-wire): Document current behaviour over ra_svn.
> +++ subversion/site/staging/docs/release-notes/1.10.html Tue Mar  6 
> @@ -713,7 +713,11 @@ combination of the client- and server-si
> -<!-- TODO: describe LZ4 over svn:// -->
> +<p>For the <b>svn://</b> protocol, use of LZ4 compression depends on the 
> value
> +of the server-side <tt>-c/--compression</tt> option.  A value of <tt>0</tt>
> +disables compression entirely; any other value causes lz4 or zlib compression
> +to be used.  At this time, lz4 is always used in preference to zlib when both
> +are supported by the remote end<!-- see svn_ra_svn__svndiff_version() 
> -->.</p>

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