On 13.03.2018 14:27, Mark Phippard wrote:
> Starting to put together updated binaries for 1.10 release.  Can
> someone summarize any new build requirements, particularly for Windows?
> I see the reference to LZ4.  Should we use the "internal"
> implementation or are we expected to build and deliver a liblz4 for
> Windows?
> Anything else?  I recall reading something about utf8proc but not sure
> what that is or what it is used for.  FWIW, our 1.9 build process
> works for 1.10 but obviously if there are new, but optional, features
> or libraries added then we probably are not building them yet.

We keep internal copies of both utf8proc and LZ4. I believe the default
Windows build uses these copies (svn --version --verbose will tell you).

Only LZ4 is a new dependency, we've been using utf8proc for years.

-- Brane

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