After years of eyeballing Subversion dump streams as part of making
reposurgeon work, I have belatedly realized there is a dump stream
operation I don't know how to generate with the CLI.  And I need to 
to get good test load coverage.

If, in a normally-set up Subversion repository, I create and commit
three files under trunk and then do "svn copy trunk branches/stable",
what I see being generated into the dump is three file copies to

That's fine, but I also want to be able to generate a *directory* copy.
I see these in the dump files I get in bug reports.  Here's an

Node-path: tags/1.0rc1
Node-kind: dir
Node-action: add
Node-copyfrom-rev: 5
Node-copyfrom-path: tags/1.0

How do I generate this kind of operation from the CLI - that is, a copy of the
whole directory rather than a wildcarded copy of all of its files?
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