Daniel Shahaf wrote on Tue, 03 Dec 2019 12:02 +00:00:
> ----
> Let's start by naming the issues:

9. MULTIPLE_TARGETS mode suppresses the "can't show in-repository size
of working copy file '%s'" error.  I can't imagine why.  If it's fine
to print nothing for a wc file when there are other targets, then print
nothing when it's the only target, too; and if it's an error, then it
should be an error whatever the other targets are.

> ----
> I added multiple items support, so I'm happy to take ownership of #3
> and #4.  They should be fairly easy to implement: it looks like just a
> matter of editing print_info_item_string() and print_info_item_revision(),
> plus writing an API erratum, assuming we have consensus on the
> spaces-to-tab change.

I reverted my changes in r1870750, as a matter of ordinary routing.  If
I have a fix for #3 and/or #4, then I'll post it or commit it, as per
usual.  However, I have plenty of things to worry about IRL right now
and didn't want this issue, while outstanding, to take up any



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