On Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 07:53:21PM +0300, Denis Kovalchuk wrote:
> +  /** @since New in 1.14. */
> +             SVN_ERR_FS_CATEGORY_START + 69,
> +             "Rep-sharing is not allowed.")
> +
> +  /** @since New in 1.14. */
> +             SVN_ERR_FS_CATEGORY_START + 70,
> +             "Rep-sharing is not supported.")
> +

Hey Denis,

I rolled 1.14.0-rc1 this morning, and I didn't notice that you had
posted this updated patch yesterday. Sorry about the bad timing.
The 1.14.0-rc1 release does not have your patch. But until .0 has been
released we can still decide to add new commands to 'svnadmin' for SVN 1.14.

I don't think this is a de-stabilizing change and the feature is small
and useful. I would be in favour of adding it to 1.14.0, provided the
patch gets committed to trunk and nominated for backport to 1.14.0 soon.
And of course all our regression tests need to keep passing.

Otherwise this change would have to wait throughout the entire 1.15
release cycle, at least according to our release policy guidelines.

Would any of our committers be able to shepherd this patch through
without a lot of lag? Please let me know.

Denis, please also ask Evgeny and Ivan for help if nobody else has time to
handle your patch. We are a bit low on spare developer time these days.

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