> > I'm proposing to modify fs_has_rep_sharing() to return True when running
> > on FSFS with rep-sharing enabled and to return False on other backends.
> > That's separate from your test's decorators.
> >  
> I think that this might be unrelated to this patch, but also I may be
> misunderstanding
> what exactly you propose. If we modify fs_has_rep_sharing() to return True
> for FSFS and to return False for other backends, we will have a problem
> with FSX,
> which also supports rep-sharing.

The function, as it stands, assumes that the tests run on FSFS, and
will return wrong values when that assumption doesn't hold.  The point
is to make that function return the correct value in every configuration.
If the fix I proposed is wrong under FSX, then the issue should be fixed

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