On Fri 25 Nov 2011 10:42:31 PM PST, Julian Dammann wrote:
> > It's all about spatial locality.  When I'm editing some code in Vim,
> > I like to launch some new terminals (or file managers) in the same
> > working directory as the file I'm editing to do additional things.
> Ever tried ":!your_terminal &" in vim? Maybe that's good enough for
> you if bound to some key.
Thanks for the suggestion, but it's not as pleasant as being able to
press my app launching shortcut keys (for urxvt, thunar, gvim) in DWM
on any selected window and have those apps launched in its working dir.

This patch affects DWM's program menu (dmenu_run) too, for more power.

Certainly the game is rigged.

Don't let that stop you; if you don't bet, you can't win.
                -- Robert Heinlein, "Time Enough For Love"

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