On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 7:47 AM, Thomas Levine <_...@thomaslevine.com> wrote:
> I start ii and chat for a while. Then I lose my internet connection
> for a few hours. What is a good way to have ii automatically connect
> when I get my internet connection back?
> I guess I have determine whether ii has disconnected and whether I now
> have an internet connection. I don't know how to determine whether ii
> has disconnected.
> Thanks

I defined EXIT_TIMEOUT as 2, then after print_out(NULL, "-!- ii
shutting down: ping timeout"); I changed exit(EXIT_FAILURE) to
exit(EXIT_TIMEOUT). I run ii in a shell loop

while ii -n emg; [ "$?" -eq 2]; do :; done

Every time ii exits with status 2 it restarts.


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