Quoth Quentin Rameau: 
> > It does, but it will still make the connection. I'd rather some 
> > dialog box, so that my session state won't be automatically passed 
> > along to an untrusted server. Not sure the most elegant way to do 
> > this - I suppose one could have a little dmenu prompt asking whether 
> > to continue the connection or cancel it.
> I've implemented something like this in surf-webkit2, but I'm waiting on
> another dmenu commit for it to be fully acceptable before pushing.
> ...
> In any cas, thanks for the feedback, I hope I can push those changes in
> the near future.
> The surf organisation is in a modification phase, for the better I hope,
> keep connected for future changes.

That's all great to hear Quentin, thanks for all your work on 
surf-webkit2, which I am happy to use daily (with a lightly patched 
webkit2 so that proxies work correctly).

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