On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 05:56:56PM +0200, Laslo Hunhold wrote:
> There is no reason to support this ancient concept of a separate
> /usr-partition. The age of tape-drives is over, there is no need for
> it. And I must admit, it really makes things complicated in a lot of
> respects.

NFS mounts maybe, who want to have a /bin and /sbin in case their NFS
mount freezes still in the age of NFSv4? Not a minority this distro
should support though, right? Your /usr that big? Possible but…

> I hear arguments that you put user-specific applications into /usr/bin
> and general applications into /bin,

Anything even remotely important other than the above?

> however, what kind of joke is this distinction anyway?

What's the argument you're making? That it's ridiculous? *HOW*, not just
it's ridiculous again and again on the mailing list.

> In my opinion, we should also get rid of /sbin. We are entering the
> age where we don't have "root" and "normal" users.

Educational institutions and libraries, not that I think many of those
oft backwards institutions will choose this distro.

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