On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 5:57 AM, Bruno Vetter
<simplelife2...@outlook.com> wrote:
> Guten Tag,
> trying out stali I see that manpages are included, but how can I actually 
> view them? Before I install anything I want to ensure to do it in the most 
> suckless way.
> Thank you
> Bruno

The plan for now is to use 9 base troff and a pager which has not yet
been picked. Currently 9 base troff has been added to the src repo,
but the mdoc macros still need to be included (the ones from heirloom
troff worked). As such you should be able to manually view pages using
the man macros but not the mdoc macros (e.g. sbase man pages won't
work). I don't think there is a plan yet on how to handle the
search/troff/pager setup, whether a man script like plan 9's or
something else entirely. A minor point, the man macros included with 9
base troff seem to add page breaks. I started to learn troff to remove
them but I got side tracked by other projects.

If you come up with a good solution start a discussion.

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