On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 07:25:06PM +0100, Patrick Bucher wrote:
I'm using st and dwm at the same time, and today I discovered a little problem
when using the default config of both programs. st uses Alt-Shift-C to copy text
into the clipboard, dwm uses Mod1-Shift-C for closing the selected window,
whereas Mod1 is Alt by default, at least on my machine. (Maybe some of you use
Super_L, vulgo "the Windows key".)

Windows key is a better choice most of the time since it's unused except
in qemu where windows uses super key so it clashes. Alt would be bad
since most applications uses Alt like Alt+1 in firefox, Alt+f in

So guess what happened when I was trying to copy some code into the clipboard
today ;-)

Try using the primary clipboard, I use that most of the time. I only use
the clipboard when it comes to Google drive stuff since they clipboard
sucks and don't support primary keyboard.

PS: Anybody using Arch Linux here? Since the fontconfig update today st no
longer works with my font of choice Terminus. Just in case somebody has the same
problem... here's my font[] definition:

static char font[] = 

I use Arch here with Void (Musl is broken with locale so no Chinese
LC_DATETIME), I heard that there is some issues with the latest update
where my friend can't use Inifinity but I am still be able to use
ttf-mononoki here fine.

I don't know how to solve that but still hope you good luck!

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