I have 3 windows open (1 on the left as master, 2 on the right, vertically 
arranged as stacked window)
like so:

|A   |B |
|    ----
|    |C |

I then do the following: 
1. I focus C, then A (without windows rearrangement)  
2. I close A 
   --> then B will get master
   --> However, the focus will be on C, i.e. on a stacked window

I would expect the have to focus on B (now master), after I've closed the 
focused A (previous master)

This seems to be the case because before A, C was focused (and not B).
If B is in focus before I move the focus to A and close it, then B will be 
focused after closing A - as I would expect.

Not sure, whether this observed behavior is intended or whether it is a bug; 
anyway it irritates (at least) me greatly, because I would expect:
- if the focus is on master and I close that master then
- the new master should have the focus in any case

What do you think?


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