davelpz opened a new issue #4335: Not quoting column name when doing a time 
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-superset/issues/4335
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   ### Superset version
   ### Expected results
   time series should work if column name has a space in it
   ### Actual results
   get sql error because column is not properly quoted
   ### Steps to reproduce
   Have a table with columns where column names have spaces, including
   date columns, for example 'CREATED DATE'
   Create a slice and in the Time section select a column with a space in the 
   Also select a 'Time Grain' of 'Time Column'.  When you run the query, you 
will see that the
   generated query is not quoting the column like it should.
   I've been debugging this and I think the problem lies in 
   I think the get_timestamp_expression function should return column at end of 
   and not literal_column
   def get_timestamp_expression(self, time_grain):
           """Getting the time component of the query"""
           expr = self.expression or self.column_name
           if not self.expression and not time_grain:
               return column(expr, type_=DateTime).label(DTTM_ALIAS)
           if time_grain:
               pdf = self.python_date_format
               if pdf in ('epoch_s', 'epoch_ms'):
                   # if epoch, translate to DATE using db specific conf
                   db_spec = self.table.database.db_engine_spec
                   if pdf == 'epoch_s':
                       expr = db_spec.epoch_to_dttm().format(col=expr)
                   elif pdf == 'epoch_ms':
                       expr = db_spec.epoch_ms_to_dttm().format(col=expr)
               grain = self.table.database.grains_dict().get(time_grain, 
               expr = grain.function.format(col=expr)
   return literal_column(expr, type_=DateTime).label(DTTM_ALIAS)

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