jerowe opened a new issue #4471: Trying to migrate to mysql backend
   - [x] I have checked the superset logs for python stacktraces and included 
it here as text if any
   - [x] I have reproduced the issue with at least the latest released version 
of superset
   - [ ] I have checked the issue tracker for the same issue and I haven't 
found one similar
   There are similar issues, but none recent or using the same version.
   ### Superset version
   Superset 0.22.1
   ### Expected results
   ### Actual results
   I can initialize the mysql database, create an admin user, but the web 
interface does not seem to be using it.
   ### Steps to reproduce
   SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI = 'mysql://superset:$password@$host/superset'
   export PYTHONPATH="/home/$USER/.superset/:$PYTHONPATH"
   rm ~/.superset/superset.db
   fabmanager create-admin --app superset
   superset db upgrade
   superset load_examples
   superset init
   ?  ~ superset runserver
   Loaded your LOCAL configuration at 
   Starting server with command:
   gunicorn -w 2 --timeout 60 -b --limit-request-line 0 
--limit-request-field_size 0 superset:app
   [2018-02-23 09:20:57 +0000] [4060] [INFO] Starting gunicorn 19.7.1
   [2018-02-23 09:20:57 +0000] [4060] [INFO] Listening at: 
   [2018-02-23 09:20:57 +0000] [4060] [INFO] Using worker: sync
   [2018-02-23 09:20:57 +0000] [4065] [INFO] Booting worker with pid: 4065
   [2018-02-23 09:20:57 +0000] [4066] [INFO] Booting worker with pid: 4066
   Loaded your LOCAL configuration at 
   Loaded your LOCAL configuration at 
   If I check the mysql database I see the admin user as expected.  But then 
when I go to login to the web interface I get either an 'Internal service 
error' or a long stack trace that indicates superset is still trying to use the 
superset.db sqlite database.
    File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sqlalchemy/engine/", 
line 470, in do_execute
       cursor.execute(statement, parameters)
   OperationalError: (sqlite3.OperationalError) no such table: ab_role [SQL: 
u'SELECT AS ab_role_id, AS ab_role_name \nFROM ab_role 
\nWHERE = ?\n LIMIT ? OFFSET ?'] [parameters: ('Public', 1, 0)]

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