williaster opened a new pull request #4528: [wip] dashboard builder v2
URL: https://github.com/apache/incubator-superset/pull/4528
   @mistercrunch @graceguo-supercat @hughhhh @john-bodley @michellethomas 
   ? **big PR warning**
   This is a WIP branch for the dashboard builder v2 that I wanted to start 
getting ?s + ?s  on. Below I have a demo and sections for:
   - see [issue 4527](url) I created to track intended functionality
   - remaining todo items to get to v0
     - **Plan going forward**
       Comments on the PR are welcome and we could consider opening PRs into 
this branch for the rest of the functionality. 
   - overview of the react + redux architecture
   - overview of the new serializable data structure
   ### DEMO
   ### TODO
   - [x] [Chris] new grid + element resize functionality with `re-resizable`
   - [x] [Chris] drag and drop functionality with `react-dnd` 
   - [x] [Chris] define new serializable data structure
   - [x] [Chris] Hook up synchronous redux (local app state)
   - [x] [Chris] Editable components (hover + popover menus)
   - [] [Chris] rebase on master
   - [] [Chris+...] lots of tests (grid/resize functionality, drag and drop, 
   - [] [Chris] remove gradient icon + theme overrides (future UI-kit PR)
   - [] [Grace] hook up to existing async redux + data
   - [] [Grace] Layout of static dashboard
   - [] [Grace] Addition of new markdown component
   - [] [Grace] migration script for existing layouts
   - [] [Grace] migration script for existing markdowns + separators
   - [] [Grace] edit/undo functionality
   - [] Animated nested sidebar
   - [] extensive testing in staging
   ### React architecture
   Dashboard components share common functionality (drag/drop, resize, hover 
menus, popover menus) but also require custom hooks and logic. We accommodate 
both requirements by encapsulating logic into compossible React components:
   // Dynamic layout
     <DropIndicator />
       <DragHandle />
       {/* menu items */}
            { repeat }
   // Static layout
    { children }
   ### Data structure
   The following data structure is used for the dashboard layout. 
   * supports arbitrary nesting
   * supports addition of new components in the future
   * is a flat data structure so is easily updatable (mirrors normalizr and 
other redux libs) 
    // object keyed on ids
    [id]: {
      children: [id, ...],
      meta: {

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