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diff --git a/superset/config.py b/superset/config.py
index 2d168a9b8d..38c31087e5 100644
--- a/superset/config.py
+++ b/superset/config.py
@@ -163,6 +163,7 @@
     'zh': {'flag': 'cn', 'name': 'Chinese'},
     'ja': {'flag': 'jp', 'name': 'Japanese'},
     'de': {'flag': 'de', 'name': 'German'},
+    'pt-BR': {'flag': 'br', 'name': 'Brazilian Portuguese'},
 # ---------------------------------------------------
 # Image and file configuration
diff --git a/superset/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/pt_BR.mo 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..01352457b5
Binary files /dev/null and b/superset/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/pt_BR.mo 
diff --git a/superset/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/pt_BR.po 
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..b2a5b3474b
--- /dev/null
+++ b/superset/translations/pt_BR/LC_MESSAGES/pt_BR.po
@@ -0,0 +1,4123 @@
+# Translations template for PROJECT.
+# Copyright (C) 2017 ORGANIZATION
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the PROJECT project.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: EMAIL@ADDRESS\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2017-11-01 01:31+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2018-02-23 13:55-0300\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Generated-By: Babel 2.5.1\n"
+"Last-Translator: \n"
+"Language-Team: \n"
+"Language: pt_BR\n"
+"X-Generator: Poedit 2.0.4\n"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:570
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:216 superset/db_engine_specs.py:247
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:291 superset/db_engine_specs.py:339
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:395 superset/db_engine_specs.py:893
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:929 superset/db_engine_specs.py:961
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1007 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1044
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1069
+msgid "Time Column"
+msgstr "Coluna de tempo"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:217 superset/db_engine_specs.py:248
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:340 superset/db_engine_specs.py:396
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:894 superset/db_engine_specs.py:962
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1045
+msgid "second"
+msgstr "segundo"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:218 superset/db_engine_specs.py:251
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:343 superset/db_engine_specs.py:398
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:896 superset/db_engine_specs.py:930
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:964 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1008
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1046 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1070
+msgid "minute"
+msgstr "minuto"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:219 superset/db_engine_specs.py:255
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:345 superset/db_engine_specs.py:400
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:902 superset/db_engine_specs.py:932
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:966 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1014
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1047 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1071
+msgid "hour"
+msgstr "hora"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:220 superset/db_engine_specs.py:260
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:292 superset/db_engine_specs.py:347
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:402 superset/db_engine_specs.py:904
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:934 superset/db_engine_specs.py:968
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1016 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1048
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1072
+msgid "day"
+msgstr "dia"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:221 superset/db_engine_specs.py:266
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:293 superset/db_engine_specs.py:348
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:404 superset/db_engine_specs.py:906
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:936 superset/db_engine_specs.py:970
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1049 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1073
+msgid "week"
+msgstr "semana"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:222 superset/db_engine_specs.py:268
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:295 superset/db_engine_specs.py:350
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:406 superset/db_engine_specs.py:908
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:938 superset/db_engine_specs.py:972
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1018 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1050
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1074
+msgid "month"
+msgstr "m?s"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:223 superset/db_engine_specs.py:270
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:352 superset/db_engine_specs.py:408
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:910 superset/db_engine_specs.py:940
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:974 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1020
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1051 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1075
+msgid "quarter"
+msgstr "trimestre"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:224 superset/db_engine_specs.py:274
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:354 superset/db_engine_specs.py:912
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:942 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1022
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1052 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1076
+msgid "year"
+msgstr "ano"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:356
+msgid "week_start_monday"
+msgstr "week_start_monday"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:410 superset/db_engine_specs.py:976
+msgid "week_ending_saturday"
+msgstr "week_ending_saturday"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:413 superset/db_engine_specs.py:979
+msgid "week_start_sunday"
+msgstr "week_start_sunday"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:898 superset/db_engine_specs.py:1010
+msgid "5 minute"
+msgstr "5 minutos"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:900
+msgid "half hour"
+msgstr "meia hora"
+#: superset/db_engine_specs.py:1012
+msgid "10 minute"
+msgstr "10 minutos"
+#: superset/utils.py:499
+#, python-format
+msgid "[Superset] Access to the datasource %(name)s was granted"
+msgstr "[Superset] O acesso ? fonte de dados %(name) s foi concedido"
+#: superset/viz.py:52
+msgid "Viz is missing a datasource"
+msgstr "Viz est? faltando uma fonte de dados"
+#: superset/viz.py:172
+msgid "From date cannot be larger than to date"
+msgstr "Desde a data n?o pode ser maior do que at? a data"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:335
+#: superset/viz.py:350
+msgid "Table View"
+msgstr "Vista de mesa"
+#: superset/viz.py:362
+msgid "Pick a granularity in the Time section or uncheck 'Include Time'"
+msgstr "Escolha uma granularidade na se??o Tempo ou desmarque 'Incluir hora'"
+#: superset/viz.py:372
+msgid ""
+"Choose either fields to [Group By] and [Metrics] or [Columns], not both"
+msgstr ""
+"Escolha os campos para [Agrupar por] e [M?tricas] ou [Colunas], nem ambos"
+#: superset/viz.py:441
+msgid "Time Table View"
+msgstr "Visualiza??o da tabela de tempo"
+#: superset/viz.py:450 superset/viz.py:1218
+msgid "Pick at least one metric"
+msgstr "Escolha pelo menos uma m?trica"
+#: superset/viz.py:453
+msgid "When using 'Group By' you are limited to use a single metric"
+msgstr "Ao usar 'Group By' voc? est? limitado a usar uma ?nica m?trica"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:413
+#: superset/viz.py:483
+msgid "Pivot Table"
+msgstr "Pivot Table"
+#: superset/viz.py:497
+msgid "Please choose at least one \"Group by\" field "
+msgstr "Escolha pelo menos um campo \"Agrupar por\""
+#: superset/viz.py:499
+msgid "Please choose at least one metric"
+msgstr "Escolha pelo menos uma m?trica"
+#: superset/viz.py:503
+msgid "'Group By' and 'Columns' can't overlap"
+msgstr "'Group By' e 'Columns' n?o podem se sobrepor"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:400
+#: superset/viz.py:536
+msgid "Markup"
+msgstr "Marca??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:438
+#: superset/viz.py:555
+msgid "Separator"
+msgstr "Separador"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:460
+#: superset/viz.py:567
+msgid "Word Cloud"
+msgstr "Palavra nuvem"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:481
+#: superset/viz.py:590
+msgid "Treemap"
+msgstr "Treemap"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:508
+#: superset/viz.py:616
+msgid "Calendar Heatmap"
+msgstr "Calend?rio Heatmap"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:529
+#: superset/viz.py:674
+msgid "Box Plot"
+msgstr "Parcela"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:550
+#: superset/viz.py:763
+msgid "Bubble Chart"
+msgstr "Gr?fico de bolhas"
+#: superset/viz.py:787
+msgid "Pick a metric for x, y and size"
+msgstr "Escolha uma m?trica para x, y e tamanho"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:601
+#: superset/viz.py:813
+msgid "Bullet Chart"
+msgstr "Gr?fico de bala"
+#: superset/viz.py:839
+msgid "Pick a metric to display"
+msgstr "Escolha uma m?trica para exibir"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:624
+#: superset/viz.py:862
+msgid "Big Number with Trendline"
+msgstr "N?mero grande com Trendline"
+#: superset/viz.py:870 superset/viz.py:899
+msgid "Pick a metric!"
+msgstr "Escolha uma m?trica!"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:649
+#: superset/viz.py:891
+msgid "Big Number"
+msgstr "N?mero grande"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:158
+#: superset/viz.py:918
+msgid "Time Series - Line Chart"
+msgstr "S?rie de tempo - Gr?fico de linhas"
+#: superset/viz.py:966 superset/viz.py:1119
+msgid "Pick a time granularity for your time series"
+msgstr "Escolha uma granularidade de tempo para suas s?ries temporais"
+#: superset/viz.py:1062
+msgid "Time Series - Dual Axis Line Chart"
+msgstr "S?rie de tempo - Gr?fico de linha de dois eixos"
+#: superset/viz.py:1072
+msgid "Pick a metric for left axis!"
+msgstr "Escolha uma m?trica para o eixo esquerdo!"
+#: superset/viz.py:1074
+msgid "Pick a metric for right axis!"
+msgstr "Escolha uma m?trica para o eixo direito!"
+#: superset/viz.py:1076
+msgid "Please choose different metrics on left and right axis"
+msgstr "Escolha diferentes m?tricas no eixo esquerdo e direito"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:239
+#: superset/viz.py:1137
+msgid "Time Series - Bar Chart"
+msgstr "S?rie de tempo - Gr?fico de barras"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:275
+#: superset/viz.py:1145
+msgid "Time Series - Percent Change"
+msgstr "S?rie de tempo - Mudan?a de porcentagem"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:298
+#: superset/viz.py:1153
+msgid "Time Series - Stacked"
+msgstr "S?rie de tempo - empilhadas"
+#: superset/viz.py:1162
+msgid "Distribution - NVD3 - Pie Chart"
+msgstr "Distribui??o - NVD3 - Gr?fico de torta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:674
+#: superset/viz.py:1180
+msgid "Histogram"
+msgstr "Histograma"
+#: superset/viz.py:1190
+msgid "Must have one numeric column specified"
+msgstr "Deve ter uma coluna num?rica especificada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:96
+#: superset/viz.py:1205
+msgid "Distribution - Bar Chart"
+msgstr "Distribui??o - Gr?fico de barras"
+#: superset/viz.py:1216
+msgid "Can't have overlap between Series and Breakdowns"
+msgstr "N?o pode haver sobreposi??o entre Series e Breakdowns"
+#: superset/viz.py:1220
+msgid "Pick at least one field for [Series]"
+msgstr "Escolha pelo menos um campo para [Series]"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:706
+#: superset/viz.py:1273
+msgid "Sunburst"
+msgstr "Sunburst"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:743
+#: superset/viz.py:1306
+msgid "Sankey"
+msgstr "Sankey"
+#: superset/viz.py:1313
+msgid "Pick exactly 2 columns as [Source / Target]"
+msgstr "Escolha exatamente 2 colunas como [Origem / Alvo]"
+#: superset/viz.py:1344
+msgid ""
+"There's a loop in your Sankey, please provide a tree. Here's a faulty link: "
+msgstr ""
+"H? um loop em seu Sankey, por favor, forne?a uma ?rvore. Aqui est? um link "
+"defeituoso: {}"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:770
+#: superset/viz.py:1355 superset/viz.py:1376
+msgid "Directed Force Layout"
+msgstr "Layout de For?a Dirigida"
+#: superset/viz.py:1362
+msgid "Pick exactly 2 columns to 'Group By'"
+msgstr "Escolha exatamente 2 colunas para 'Agrupar por'"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:835
+#: superset/viz.py:1409
+msgid "Country Map"
+msgstr "Mapa do Pa?s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:868
+#: superset/viz.py:1437
+msgid "World Map"
+msgstr "Mapa mundial"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:80
+#: superset/viz.py:1487
+msgid "Filters"
+msgstr "Filtros"
+#: superset/viz.py:1495
+msgid "Pick at least one filter field"
+msgstr "Escolha pelo menos um campo de filtro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:933
+#: superset/viz.py:1522
+msgid "iFrame"
+msgstr "iFrame"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:945
+#: superset/viz.py:1539
+msgid "Parallel Coordinates"
+msgstr "Coordenadas paralelas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:967
+#: superset/viz.py:1564
+msgid "Heatmap"
+msgstr "Mapa de calor"
+#: superset/viz.py:1623
+msgid "Horizon Charts"
+msgstr "Gr?ficos Horizon"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1027
+#: superset/viz.py:1634
+msgid "Mapbox"
+msgstr "Mapbox"
+#: superset/viz.py:1649
+msgid "Must have a [Group By] column to have 'count' as the [Label]"
+msgstr "Deve ter uma coluna [Group By] para ter 'count' como [Label]"
+#: superset/viz.py:1662
+msgid "Choice of [Label] must be present in [Group By]"
+msgstr "A escolha de [Label] deve estar presente em [Group By]"
+#: superset/viz.py:1667
+msgid "Choice of [Point Radius] must be present in [Group By]"
+msgstr "A escolha de [Raio do ponto] deve estar presente em [Grupo]"
+#: superset/viz.py:1672
+msgid "[Longitude] and [Latitude] columns must be present in [Group By]"
+msgstr ""
+"[Longitude] e as colunas [Latitude] devem estar presentes em [Group By]"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1098
+#: superset/viz.py:1738
+msgid "Event flow"
+msgstr "Fluxo de eventos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1143
+#: superset/viz.py:1769
+msgid "Time Series - Paired t-test"
+msgstr "S?rie temporal - teste emparelhado t"
+#: superset/viz.py:1831
+msgid "Partition Diagram"
+msgstr "Diagrama de Parti??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:57
+msgid "Your query was saved"
+msgstr "Sua consulta foi salva"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:58
+msgid "Your query could not be saved"
+msgstr "Sua consulta n?o p?de ser salva"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:111
+msgid "Failed at retrieving results from the results backend"
+msgstr "Falha na recupera??o de resultados do backend de resultados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:157
+msgid "Could not connect to server"
+msgstr "N?o pode conectar ao servidor"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:162
+msgid "Your session timed out, please refresh your page and try again."
+msgstr "Sua sess?o expirou, atualize sua p?gina e tente novamente."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:181
+msgid "Query was stopped."
+msgstr "A consulta foi interrompida."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:184
+msgid "Failed at stopping query."
+msgstr "Falha ao parar a consulta."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:297
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:310
+msgid "Error occurred while fetching table metadata"
+msgstr "Ocorreu um erro ao buscar metadados na tabela"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:364
+msgid "shared query"
+msgstr "consulta compartilhada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:372
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:392
+msgid "The query couldn't be loaded"
+msgstr "A consulta n?o p?de ser carregada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/actions.js:426
+msgid "An error occurred while creating the data source"
+msgstr "Ocorreu um erro ao criar a fonte de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/constants.js:30
+msgid "Pick a chart type!"
+msgstr "Escolha um tipo de gr?fico!"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/constants.js:31
+msgid "To use this chart type you need at least one column flagged as a date"
+msgstr ""
+"Para usar este tipo de gr?fico, voc? precisa de pelo menos uma coluna "
+"marcada como data"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/constants.js:32
+msgid "To use this chart type you need at least one dimension"
+msgstr ""
+"Para usar este tipo de gr?fico, voc? precisa de pelo menos uma dimens?o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/constants.js:33
+msgid "To use this chart type you need at least one aggregation function"
+msgstr ""
+"Para usar este tipo de gr?fico, voc? precisa de pelo menos uma fun??o de "
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QueryTable.jsx:49
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/reducers.js:11
+msgid "Untitled Query"
+msgstr "Consulta sem t?tulo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/reducers.js:44
+#, python-format
+msgid "Copy of %s"
+msgstr "C?pia de% s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/CopyQueryTabUrl.jsx:30
+msgid "share query"
+msgstr "compartilhar consulta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/CopyQueryTabUrl.jsx:33
+msgid "copy URL to clipboard"
+msgstr "copiar URL para a ?rea de transfer?ncia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/HighlightedSql.jsx:61
+msgid "Raw SQL"
+msgstr "Raw SQL"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/HighlightedSql.jsx:71
+msgid "Source SQL"
+msgstr "Fonte SQL"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/HighlightedSql.jsx:83
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:40
+msgid "SQL"
+msgstr "SQL"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QueryHistory.jsx:28
+msgid "No query history yet..."
+msgstr "Ainda n?o h? hist?rico de consultas ..."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QuerySearch.jsx:106
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:66
+msgid "It seems you don't have access to any database"
+msgstr "Parece que voc? n?o tem acesso a qualquer banco de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QuerySearch.jsx:154
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/ResultSet.jsx:89
+msgid "Search Results"
+msgstr "Procurar Resultados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QuerySearch.jsx:160
+msgid "[From]-"
+msgstr "[A partir de]-"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QuerySearch.jsx:170
+msgid "[To]-"
+msgstr "[Para]-"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QuerySearch.jsx:179
+msgid "[Query Status]"
+msgstr "[Status da consulta]"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QuerySearch.jsx:188
+msgid "Search"
+msgstr "Pesquisa"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QueryTable.jsx:114
+msgid "Open in SQL Editor"
+msgstr "Abrir no Editor de SQL"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QueryTable.jsx:133
+msgid "view results"
+msgstr "Ver resultados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QueryTable.jsx:136
+msgid "Data preview"
+msgstr "Visualiza??o de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QueryTable.jsx:176
+msgid "Visualize the data out of this query"
+msgstr "Visualize os dados desta consulta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QueryTable.jsx:182
+msgid "Overwrite text in editor with a query on this table"
+msgstr "Substitua texto no editor com uma consulta nesta tabela"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QueryTable.jsx:188
+msgid "Run query in a new tab"
+msgstr "Executar consulta em uma nova guia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/QueryTable.jsx:193
+msgid "Remove query from log"
+msgstr "Remover consulta do log"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/ResultSet.jsx:67
+msgid ".CSV"
+msgstr ".CSV"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/ResultSet.jsx:78
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:242
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:281
+msgid "Visualize"
+msgstr "Visualize"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/ResultSet.jsx:162
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:84 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:134
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:214 superset/views/core.py:389
+msgid "Table"
+msgstr "Mesa"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/ResultSet.jsx:162
+msgid "was created"
+msgstr "foi criado"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/ResultSet.jsx:169
+msgid "Query in a new tab"
+msgstr "Consulta em uma nova guia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/ResultSet.jsx:210
+msgid "Fetch data preview"
+msgstr "Obter a visualiza??o de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/ResultSet.jsx:230
+msgid "Track Job"
+msgstr "Acompanhe o emprego"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/ResultSet.jsx:236
+msgid "Loading..."
+msgstr "Carregando..."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/RunQueryActionButton.jsx:19
+msgid "Run Selected Query"
+msgstr "Executar consulta selecionada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/RunQueryActionButton.jsx:19
+msgid "Run Query"
+msgstr "Executar consulta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/RunQueryActionButton.jsx:22
+msgid "Run query asynchronously"
+msgstr "Execute a consulta de forma ass?ncrona"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/RunQueryActionButton.jsx:57
+msgid "Stop"
+msgstr "Pare"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SaveQuery.jsx:16
+msgid "Undefined"
+msgstr "Undefined"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SaveQuery.jsx:66
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:53
+msgid "Label"
+msgstr "R?tulo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SaveQuery.jsx:71
+msgid "Label for your query"
+msgstr "Etiqueta para sua consulta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SaveQuery.jsx:81
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:105
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:227 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:81
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:130 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:227
+#: superset/views/core.py:383 superset/views/sql_lab.py:56
+msgid "Description"
+msgstr "Descri??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SaveQuery.jsx:85
+msgid "Write a description for your query"
+msgstr "Escreva uma descri??o para sua consulta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SaveQuery.jsx:99
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:155
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:222
+msgid "Save"
+msgstr "Salvar"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SaveQuery.jsx:102
+#: superset/templates/superset/request_access.html:16
+msgid "Cancel"
+msgstr "Cancelar"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SaveQuery.jsx:122
+msgid "Save Query"
+msgstr "Salvar Consulta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SouthPane.jsx:52
+msgid "Run a query to display results here"
+msgstr "Execute uma consulta para exibir resultados aqui"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SouthPane.jsx:57
+#, python-format
+msgid "Preview for %s"
+msgstr "Visualiza??o para %s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SouthPane.jsx:81
+msgid "Results"
+msgstr "Resultados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SouthPane.jsx:87
+msgid "Query History"
+msgstr "Hist?rico de consultas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditor.jsx:123
+msgid "Create table as with query results"
+msgstr "Criar tabela como com resultados de consulta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditor.jsx:131
+msgid "new table name"
+msgstr "novo nome da tabela"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:90
+msgid "Error while fetching table list"
+msgstr "Erro ao buscar a lista de tabelas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:131
+msgid "Error while fetching schema list"
+msgstr "Erro ao buscar a lista de esquema"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:153
+msgid "Error while fetching database list"
+msgstr "Erro ao buscar a lista do banco de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:159
+msgid "Database:"
+msgstr "Base de dados:"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:163
+msgid "Select a database"
+msgstr "Selecione um banco de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:170
+#, python-format
+msgid "Select a schema (%s)"
+msgstr "Selecione um esquema (%s)"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:175
+msgid "Schema:"
+msgstr "Esquema:"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:190
+#, python-format
+msgid "Add a table (%s)"
+msgstr "Adicionar uma tabela (%s)"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:203
+msgid "Type to search ..."
+msgstr "Escreva para pesquisar ..."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/SqlEditorLeftBar.jsx:226
+msgid "Reset State"
+msgstr "Repor Estado"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:105
+msgid "Enter a new title for the tab"
+msgstr "Digite um novo t?tulo para a guia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:124
+#, python-format
+msgid "Untitled Query %s"
+msgstr "Consulta sem t?tulo %s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:170
+msgid "close tab"
+msgstr "aba fechada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:173
+msgid "rename tab"
+msgstr "guia renomear"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:181
+msgid "expand tool bar"
+msgstr "barra de ferramentas de expans?o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TabbedSqlEditors.jsx:181
+msgid "hide tool bar"
+msgstr "ocultar barra de ferramentas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:75
+msgid "Copy partition query to clipboard"
+msgstr "Copie a consulta de parti??o para a ?rea de transfer?ncia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:94
+msgid "latest partition:"
+msgstr "?ltima parti??o:"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:110
+msgid "Keys for table"
+msgstr "Chaves para mesa"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:119
+#, python-format
+msgid "View keys & indexes (%s)"
+msgstr "Ver chaves e ?ndices (%s)"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:135
+msgid "Sort columns alphabetically"
+msgstr "Classifique as colunas em ordem alfab?tica"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:136
+msgid "Original table column order"
+msgstr "Ordem de coluna da tabela original"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:146
+msgid "Copy SELECT statement to clipboard"
+msgstr "Copie a instru??o SELECT para a ?rea de transfer?ncia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/TableElement.jsx:152
+msgid "Remove table preview"
+msgstr "Remover a visualiza??o da tabela"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:90
+#, python-format
+msgid ""
+"%s is not right as a column name, please alias it (as in SELECT count(*) "
+msgstr ""
+"%s n?o est? certo como um nome de coluna, por favor, alias (como na "
+"contagem SELECT (*)"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:91
+msgid "AS my_alias"
+msgstr "AS my_alias"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:91
+msgid "using only alphanumeric characters and underscores"
+msgstr "usando apenas caracteres alfanum?ricos e sublinhados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:167
+msgid "Creating a data source and popping a new tab"
+msgstr "Criando uma fonte de dados e exibindo uma nova guia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:197
+msgid "No results available for this query"
+msgstr "Nenhum resultado dispon?vel para esta consulta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:249
+msgid "Chart Type"
+msgstr "Tipo de gr?fico"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:252
+msgid "[Chart Type]"
+msgstr "[Tipo de gr?fico]"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:260
+msgid "Datasource Name"
+msgstr "Nome da fonte de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/SqlLab/components/VisualizeModal.jsx:264
+msgid "datasource name"
+msgstr "nome da fonte de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:54
+msgid "Create a new slice"
+msgstr "Crie uma nova fatia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:59
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:65
+msgid "Choose a datasource"
+msgstr "Escolha uma fonte de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:71
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:77
+msgid "Choose a visualization type"
+msgstr "Escolha um tipo de visualiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/addSlice/AddSliceContainer.jsx:87
+msgid "Create new slice"
+msgstr "Crie uma nova fatia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/AsyncSelect.jsx:23
+msgid "Select ..."
+msgstr "Selecione ..."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/CachedLabel.jsx:26
+msgid "Loaded data cached"
+msgstr "Dados carregados em cache"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/CachedLabel.jsx:29
+msgid "Loaded from cache"
+msgstr "Carregado do cache"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/CachedLabel.jsx:33
+msgid "Click to force-refresh"
+msgstr "Clique para for?ar a atualiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/CopyToClipboard.jsx:21
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/EmbedCodeButton.jsx:67
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/URLShortLinkButton.jsx:37
+msgid "Copy to clipboard"
+msgstr "Copiar para ?rea de transfer?ncia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/CopyToClipboard.jsx:70
+msgid "Not successful"
+msgstr "N?o foi bem sucedido"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/CopyToClipboard.jsx:73
+msgid "Sorry, your browser does not support copying. Use Ctrl / Cmd + C!"
+msgstr "Desculpe, o seu navegador n?o suporta a c?pia. Use Ctrl / Cmd + C!"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/CopyToClipboard.jsx:89
+msgid "Copied!"
+msgstr "Copiado!"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/EditableTitle.jsx:13
+#: superset/views/core.py:489 superset/views/core.py:556
+msgid "Title"
+msgstr "T?tulo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/EditableTitle.jsx:92
+msgid "click to edit title"
+msgstr "Clique para editar o t?tulo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/EditableTitle.jsx:93
+msgid "You don't have the rights to alter this title."
+msgstr "Voc? n?o tem os direitos de alterar este t?tulo."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/components/FaveStar.jsx:32
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/modules/superset.js:33
+msgid "Click to favorite/unfavorite"
+msgstr "Clique para favoritar / desfavoritar"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/Dashboard.jsx:42
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/Dashboard.jsx:59
+msgid "You have unsaved changes."
+msgstr "Voc? tem altera??es n?o salvas."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/Dashboard.jsx:59
+msgid "Click the"
+msgstr "Clique no"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/Dashboard.jsx:61
+msgid "button on the top right to save your changes."
+msgstr "bot?o no canto superior direito para salvar suas altera??es."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/Dashboard.jsx:165
+#, python-format
+msgid "Served from data cached %s . Click to force refresh."
+msgstr ""
+"Servido a partir de dados em cache %s. Clique para for?ar a atualiza??o."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/Dashboard.jsx:170
+msgid "Click to force refresh"
+msgstr "Clique para for?ar a atualiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/Dashboard.jsx:358
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:100
+msgid "Error"
+msgstr "Erro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/Dashboard.jsx:359
+#, python-format
+msgid "Sorry, there was an error adding slices to this dashboard: %s"
+msgstr "Desculpe, houve um erro ao adicionar fatias a este painel:% s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/CodeModal.jsx:35
+msgid "Active Dashboard Filters"
+msgstr "Filtros Active Dashboard"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:47
+#, python-format
+msgid "Checkout this dashboard: %s"
+msgstr "Marque este painel: %s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:53
+msgid "Force refresh the whole dashboard"
+msgstr "For?ar a atualiza??o do painel inteiro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/Controls.jsx:93
+msgid "Edit this dashboard's properties"
+msgstr "Edite as propriedades deste painel"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/CssEditor.jsx:65
+msgid "Load a template"
+msgstr "Carregue um modelo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/CssEditor.jsx:68
+msgid "Load a CSS template"
+msgstr "Carregue um modelo CSS"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/CssEditor.jsx:80
+#: superset/views/core.py:496
+msgid "CSS"
+msgstr "CSS"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/CssEditor.jsx:86
+msgid "Live CSS Editor"
+msgstr "Live CSS Editor"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:19
+msgid "Don't refresh"
+msgstr "N?o atualize"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:20
+msgid "10 seconds"
+msgstr "10 segundos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:21
+msgid "30 seconds"
+msgstr "30 segundos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:22
+msgid "1 minute"
+msgstr "1 minuto"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:23
+msgid "5 minutes"
+msgstr "5 minutos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:38
+msgid "Refresh Interval"
+msgstr "Intervalo de atualiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/RefreshIntervalModal.jsx:41
+msgid "Choose the refresh frequency for this dashboard"
+msgstr "Escolha a frequ?ncia de atualiza??o para este painel de controle"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:63
+msgid "This dashboard was saved successfully."
+msgstr "Este painel de controle foi salvo com sucesso."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:69
+msgid "Sorry, there was an error saving this dashboard: "
+msgstr "Desculpe, houve um erro ao salvar este painel:"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:101
+msgid "You must pick a name for the new dashboard"
+msgstr "Voc? deve escolher um nome para o novo painel de controle"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:115
+msgid "Save Dashboard"
+msgstr "Save Dashboard"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:123
+#, python-format
+msgid "Overwrite Dashboard [%s]"
+msgstr "Overwrite Dashboard [%s]"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:131
+msgid "Save as:"
+msgstr "Salvar como:"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SaveModal.jsx:135
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:210
+msgid "[dashboard name]"
+msgstr "[Nome do painel]"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:142
+#: superset/views/core.py:388
+msgid "Name"
+msgstr "Nome"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:148
+msgid "Viz"
+msgstr "Veja"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:157
+#: superset/views/core.py:494 superset/views/core.py:558
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:57
+msgid "Modified"
+msgstr "Modificado"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:167
+msgid "Add Slices"
+msgstr "Adicionar fatias"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:176
+msgid "Add a new slice to the dashboard"
+msgstr "Adicione uma nova fatia ao painel"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceAdder.jsx:181
+msgid "Add Slices to Dashboard"
+msgstr "Adicione fatias ao painel de instrumentos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceCell.jsx:37
+msgid "Move chart"
+msgstr "Mover gr?fico"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceCell.jsx:40
+msgid "Force refresh data"
+msgstr "For?ar dados de atualiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceCell.jsx:44
+msgid "Toggle chart description"
+msgstr "Alternar descri??o do gr?fico"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceCell.jsx:54
+msgid "Edit chart"
+msgstr "Editar gr?fico"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceCell.jsx:62
+msgid "Export CSV"
+msgstr "Exportar CSV"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceCell.jsx:70
+msgid "Explore chart"
+msgstr "Explore gr?fico"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/dashboard/components/SliceCell.jsx:77
+msgid "Remove chart from dashboard"
+msgstr "Remova o gr?fico do painel"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/validators.js:11
+msgid "is expected to be a number"
+msgstr "? esperado que seja um n?mero"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/validators.js:18
+msgid "is expected to be an integer"
+msgstr "espera-se que seja um n?mero inteiro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/validators.js:30
+msgid "cannot be empty"
+msgstr "n?o pode estar vazio"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/ChartContainer.jsx:180
+#, python-format
+msgid "%s - untitled"
+msgstr "% s - sem t?tulo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/ChartContainer.jsx:287
+msgid "Edit slice properties"
+msgstr "Editar propriedades da fatia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/ControlHeader.jsx:32
+msgid "description"
+msgstr "descri??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/ControlHeader.jsx:42
+msgid "bolt"
+msgstr "parafuso"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/ControlHeader.jsx:43
+msgid "Changing this control takes effect instantly"
+msgstr "Alterar esse controle ? efetivo instantaneamente"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/DisplayQueryButton.jsx:63
+msgid "Error..."
+msgstr "Erro..."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/DisplayQueryButton.jsx:114
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:56
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:100
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:138
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:378
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:416
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:463
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:484
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:512
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:532
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:553
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:605
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:627
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:652
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:677
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:709
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:746
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:773
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:800
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:838
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:871
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:908
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:948
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:970
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1030
+msgid "Query"
+msgstr "Inquerir"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/EmbedCodeButton.jsx:76
+msgid "Height"
+msgstr "Altura"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/EmbedCodeButton.jsx:90
+msgid "Width"
+msgstr "Largura"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/ExploreActionButtons.jsx:32
+msgid "Export to .json"
+msgstr "Exportar para .json"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/ExploreActionButtons.jsx:42
+msgid "Export to .csv format"
+msgstr "Exportar para o formato .csv"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:74
+msgid "Please enter a slice name"
+msgstr "Digite um nome de fatia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:89
+msgid "Please select a dashboard"
+msgstr "Selecione um painel de controle"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:97
+msgid "Please enter a dashboard name"
+msgstr "Digite um nome de painel"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:134
+msgid "Save A Slice"
+msgstr "Salvar uma fatia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:155
+#, python-format
+msgid "Overwrite slice %s"
+msgstr "Substitua a fatia %s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:164
+msgid "Save as"
+msgstr "Salvar como"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:168
+msgid "[slice name]"
+msgstr "[nome da fatia]"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:181
+msgid "Do not add to a dashboard"
+msgstr "N?o adicione um painel"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:189
+msgid "Add slice to existing dashboard"
+msgstr "Adicione uma fatia ao painel de controle existente"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:205
+msgid "Add to new dashboard"
+msgstr "Adicionar ao novo painel"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/SaveModal.jsx:231
+msgid "Save & go to dashboard"
+msgstr "Salve e v? para o painel de bordo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/URLShortLinkButton.jsx:32
+#, python-format
+msgid "Check out this slice: %s"
+msgstr "Confira esta fatia: %s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/controls/BoundsControl.jsx:50
+msgid "`Min` value should be numeric or empty"
+msgstr "O valor `Min` deve ser num?rico ou vazio"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/controls/BoundsControl.jsx:53
+msgid "`Max` value should be numeric or empty"
+msgstr "O valor `Max` deve ser num?rico ou vazio"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/controls/BoundsControl.jsx:70
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:48 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:87
+msgid "Min"
+msgstr "Min"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/controls/BoundsControl.jsx:78
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:49 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:88
+msgid "Max"
+msgstr "Max"
+msgid "Something went wrong while fetching the datasource list"
+msgstr "Algo deu errado ao buscar a lista de fontes de dados"
+msgid "Click to point to another datasource"
+msgstr "Clique para apontar para outra fonte de dados"
+msgid "Edit the datasource's configuration"
+msgstr "Edite a configura??o da fonte de dados"
+msgid "Select a datasource"
+msgstr "Selecione uma fonte de dados"
+msgid "Search / Filter"
+msgstr "Pesquisa / Filtro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/controls/Filter.jsx:114
+msgid "Filter value"
+msgstr "Valor de filtro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/controls/Filter.jsx:143
+msgid "Select metric"
+msgstr "Selecione a m?trica"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/controls/Filter.jsx:143
+msgid "Select column"
+msgstr "Selecione a coluna"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/components/controls/Filter.jsx:155
+msgid "Select operator"
+msgstr "Selecione o operador"
+#: superset/templates/appbuilder/general/widgets/search.html:6
+msgid "Add Filter"
+msgstr "Adicionar filtro"
+msgid "Error while fetching data"
+msgstr "Erro ao buscar dados"
+#, python-format
+msgid "Select %s"
+msgstr "Selecione% s"
+msgid "textarea"
+msgstr "textarea"
+msgid "Edit"
+msgstr "Editar"
+msgid "in modal"
+msgstr "em modal"
+msgid "Select a visualization type"
+msgstr "Selecione um tipo de visualiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/reducers/chartReducer.js:32
+msgid "Updating chart was stopped"
+msgstr "O mapa de atualiza??o foi interrompido"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/reducers/chartReducer.js:38
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/modules/superset.js:226
+#, python-format
+msgid "An error occurred while rendering the visualization: %s"
+msgstr "Ocorreu um erro ao renderizar a visualiza??o:% s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/reducers/chartReducer.js:47
+msgid ""
+"Perhaps your data has grown, your database is under unusual load, or you "
+"are simply querying a data source that is to large to be processed within "
+"the timeout range. If that is the case, we recommend that you summarize "
+"your data further."
+msgstr ""
+"Talvez seus dados tenham crescido, seu banco de dados est? sob carga "
+"incomum, ou voc? est? simplesmente consultando uma fonte de dados que seja "
+"grande para ser processada dentro do intervalo de tempo limite. Se for esse "
+"o caso, recomendamos que voc? sintetize seus dados ainda mais."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/reducers/chartReducer.js:56
+msgid "Network error."
+msgstr "Erro de rede."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:37
+msgid ""
+"A reference to the [Time] configuration, taking granularity into account"
+msgstr ""
+"Uma refer?ncia ? configura??o [Time], levando em considera??o a "
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:51
+msgid "Group by"
+msgstr "Agrupar por"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:54
+msgid "One or many controls to group by"
+msgstr "Um ou v?rios controles para agrupar"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:73
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:43 superset/views/core.py:326
+#: superset/views/core.py:350 superset/views/core.py:382
+msgid "Datasource"
+msgstr "Fonte de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:83
+#: superset/views/core.py:390
+msgid "Visualization Type"
+msgstr "Tipo de Visualiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:85
+msgid "The type of visualization to display"
+msgstr "O tipo de visualiza??o a ser exibida"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:91
+msgid "Metrics"
+msgstr "M?tricas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:100
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:132
+msgid "One or many metrics to display"
+msgstr "Uma ou v?rias m?tricas para exibir"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:106
+msgid "Percentage Metrics"
+msgstr "M?tricas percentuais"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:113
+msgid "Metrics for which percentage of total are to be displayed"
+msgstr "M?tricas para qual porcentagem do total deve ser exibida"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:118
+msgid "Y Axis Bounds"
+msgstr "Y Axis Bounds"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:121
+msgid ""
+"Bounds for the Y axis. When left empty, the bounds are dynamically defined "
+"based on the min/max of the data. Note that this feature will only expand "
+"the axis range. It won't narrow the data's extent."
+msgstr ""
+"Limites para o eixo Y. Quando deixados vazios, os limites s?o definidos "
+"dinamicamente com base no min / max dos dados. Observe que esse recurso "
+"expandir? apenas o alcance do eixo. N?o restringir? a extens?o dos dados."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:130
+msgid "Ordering"
+msgstr "Encomenda"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:141
+#: superset/views/annotations.py:47
+msgid "Annotation Layers"
+msgstr "Camadas de anota??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:143
+msgid "Annotation layers to overlay on the visualization"
+msgstr "Camadas de anota??o para sobreposi??o na visualiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:145
+msgid "Select a annotation layer"
+msgstr "Selecione uma camada de anota??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:146
+msgid "Error while fetching annotation layers"
+msgstr "Erro ao buscar camadas de anota??es"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:157
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:859
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:104
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:129
+msgid "Metric"
+msgstr "M?trica"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:159
+msgid "Choose the metric"
+msgstr "Escolha a m?trica"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:172
+msgid "Right Axis Metric"
+msgstr "Metric do Eixo Direito"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:176
+msgid "Choose a metric for right axis"
+msgstr "Escolha uma m?trica para o eixo direito"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:187
+msgid "Stacked Style"
+msgstr "Estilo empilhado"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:199
+msgid "Sort X Axis"
+msgstr "Classificar X Axis"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:207
+msgid "Sort Y Axis"
+msgstr "Eixo de classifica??o Y"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:215
+msgid "Linear Color Scheme"
+msgstr "Esquema de cores lineares"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:233
+msgid "Normalize Across"
+msgstr "Normalize across"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:240
+msgid ""
+"Color will be rendered based on a ratio of the cell against the sum of "
+"across this criteria"
+msgstr ""
+"A cor ser? renderizada com base em uma propor??o da c?lula contra a soma de "
+"este crit?rio"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:247
+msgid "Horizon Color Scale"
+msgstr "Horizon Color Scale"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:254
+msgid "Defines how the color are attributed."
+msgstr "Define como a cor ? atribu?da."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:259
+msgid "Rendering"
+msgstr "Renderiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:266
+msgid ""
+"image-rendering CSS attribute of the canvas object that defines how the "
+"browser scales up the image"
+msgstr ""
+"atributo CSS de renderiza??o de imagem do objeto de tela que define como o "
+"navegador aumenta a imagem"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:272
+msgid "XScale Interval"
+msgstr "Intervalo XScale"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:275
+msgid "Number of steps to take between ticks when displaying the X scale"
+msgstr "N?mero de passos a seguir entre os tiques ao exibir a escala X"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:281
+msgid "YScale Interval"
+msgstr "YScale Interval"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:284
+msgid "Number of steps to take between ticks when displaying the Y scale"
+msgstr "N?mero de passos a seguir entre os tiques ao exibir a escala Y"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:290
+msgid "Include Time"
+msgstr "Incluir Hora"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:291
+msgid "Whether to include the time granularity as defined in the time section"
+msgstr ""
+"Se deve incluir a granularidade do tempo conforme definido na se??o de tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:297
+msgid "Show percentage"
+msgstr "Mostrar porcentagem"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:299
+msgid "Whether to include the percentage in the tooltip"
+msgstr "Se deve incluir a porcentagem na dica de ferramenta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:305
+msgid "Stacked Bars"
+msgstr "Barras empilhadas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:313
+msgid "Show totals"
+msgstr "Mostrar totais"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:316
+msgid "Display total row/column"
+msgstr "Exibir linha / coluna total"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:321
+msgid "Show Markers"
+msgstr "Mostrar marcadores"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:324
+msgid "Show data points as circle markers on the lines"
+msgstr "Mostrar pontos de dados como marcadores de c?rculo nas linhas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:329
+msgid "Bar Values"
+msgstr "Valores do Bar"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:332
+msgid "Show the value on top of the bar"
+msgstr "Mostre o valor em cima da barra"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:337
+msgid "Sort Bars"
+msgstr "Classificar Bares"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:339
+msgid "Sort bars by x labels."
+msgstr "Classifique barras por x etiquetas."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:344
+msgid "Combine Metrics"
+msgstr "M?tricas combinadas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:346
+msgid ""
+"Display metrics side by side within each column, as opposed to each column "
+"being displayed side by side for each metric."
+msgstr ""
+"Exibir m?tricas lado a lado dentro de cada coluna, em oposi??o a cada "
+"coluna sendo exibida lado a lado por cada m?trica."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:352
+msgid "Extra Controls"
+msgstr "Controles extras"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:355
+msgid ""
+"Whether to show extra controls or not. Extra controls include things like "
+"making mulitBar charts stacked or side by side."
+msgstr ""
+"Seja para mostrar controles extras ou n?o. Os controles extras incluem "
+"coisas como fazer quadros de mulitBar empilhados ou lado a lado."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:362
+msgid "Reduce X ticks"
+msgstr "Reduza os carrapatos X"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:365
+msgid ""
+"Reduces the number of X axis ticks to be rendered. If true, the x axis wont "
+"overflow and labels may be missing. If false, a minimum width will be "
+"applied to columns and the width may overflow into an horizontal scroll."
+msgstr ""
+"Reduz o n?mero de tiques do eixo X a serem renderizados. Se for verdade, o "
+"eixo x n?o ir? transbordar e r?tulos podem estar faltando. Se for falso, "
+"uma largura m?nima ser? aplicada ?s colunas e a largura pode transbordar em "
+"um pergaminho horizontal."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:374
+msgid "Include Series"
+msgstr "Incluir S?rie"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:377
+msgid "Include series name as an axis"
+msgstr "Inclua o nome da s?rie como um eixo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:382
+msgid "Color Metric"
+msgstr "M?trica de cor"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:384
+msgid "A metric to use for color"
+msgstr "Uma m?trica para usar para cores"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:391
+msgid "Country Name"
+msgstr "Nome do pa?s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:410
+msgid "The name of country that Superset should display"
+msgstr "O nome do pa?s que Superset deve exibir"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:414
+msgid "Country Field Type"
+msgstr "Tipo de campo do pa?s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:422
+msgid ""
+"The country code standard that Superset should expect to find in the "
+"[country] column"
+msgstr ""
+"O padr?o do c?digo do pa?s que Superset deve esperar encontrar na coluna "
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:429
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:436
+msgid "Columns"
+msgstr "Colunas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:430
+msgid "One or many controls to pivot as columns"
+msgstr "Um ou v?rios controles para girar como colunas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:438
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:448
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:458
+msgid "Columns to display"
+msgstr "Colunas para exibir"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:467
+msgid "Origin"
+msgstr "Origem"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:473
+msgid ""
+"Defines the origin where time buckets start, accepts natural dates as in "
+"`now`, `sunday` or `1970-01-01`"
+msgstr ""
+"Define a origem onde os baldes de tempo come?am, aceita datas naturais como "
+"em `now`,` sunday` ou `1970-01-01`"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:480
+msgid "Bottom Margin"
+msgstr "Margem inferior"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:484
+msgid "Bottom margin, in pixels, allowing for more room for axis labels"
+msgstr ""
+"Margem inferior, em pixels, permitindo mais espa?o para etiquetas de eixos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:490
+msgid "Left Margin"
+msgstr "Margem esquerda"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:494
+msgid "Left margin, in pixels, allowing for more room for axis labels"
+msgstr ""
+"Margem esquerda, em pixels, permitindo mais espa?o para r?tulos de eixos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:500
+msgid "Time Granularity"
+msgstr "Granularidade do tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:517
+msgid ""
+"The time granularity for the visualization. Note that you can type and use "
+"simple natural language as in `10 seconds`, `1 day` or `56 weeks`"
+msgstr ""
+"O tempo de granularidade para a visualiza??o. Observe que voc? pode digitar "
+"e usar linguagem natural simples como \"10 segundos\", \"1 dia\" ou \"56 "
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:524
+msgid "Domain"
+msgstr "Dom?nio"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:527
+msgid "The time unit used for the grouping of blocks"
+msgstr "A unidade de tempo usada para o agrupamento de blocos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:532
+msgid "Subdomain"
+msgstr "Subdom?nio"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:535
+msgid ""
+"The time unit for each block. Should be a smaller unit than "
+"domain_granularity. Should be larger or equal to Time Grain"
+msgstr ""
+"A unidade de tempo para cada bloco. Deve ser uma unidade menor que "
+"domain_granularity. Deve ser maior ou igual a Time Grain"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:542
+msgid "Link Length"
+msgstr "Comprimento do link"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:545
+msgid "Link length in the force layout"
+msgstr "Comprimento do link no layout da for?a"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:551
+msgid "Charge"
+msgstr "Carregar"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:565
+msgid "Charge in the force layout"
+msgstr "Cobrar no layout da for?a"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:573
+msgid ""
+"The time column for the visualization. Note that you can define arbitrary "
+"expression that return a DATETIME column in the table or. Also note that "
+"the filter below is applied against this column or expression"
+msgstr ""
+"A coluna de tempo para a visualiza??o. Observe que voc? pode definir uma "
+"express?o arbitr?ria que retorna uma coluna DATETIME na tabela ou. Observe "
+"tamb?m que o filtro abaixo ? aplicado contra esta coluna ou express?o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:586
+msgid "Time Grain"
+msgstr "Tempo Grain"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:588
+msgid ""
+"The time granularity for the visualization. This applies a date "
+"transformation to alter your time column and defines a new time "
+"granularity. The options here are defined on a per database engine basis in "
+"the Superset source code."
+msgstr ""
+"O tempo de granularidade para a visualiza??o. Isso aplica uma transforma??o "
+"de data para alterar sua coluna de tempo e define uma nova granularidade de "
+"tempo. As op??es aqui s?o definidas por base de banco de dados por base no "
+"c?digo-fonte Superset."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:601
+msgid "Resample Rule"
+msgstr "Regra de Repeti??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:604
+msgid "Pandas resample rule"
+msgstr "Regra de resample de pandas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:610
+msgid "Resample How"
+msgstr "Resample How"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:613
+msgid "Pandas resample how"
+msgstr "Pandas ressamam como"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:619
+msgid "Resample Fill Method"
+msgstr "M?todo de preenchimento da rememplifica??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:622
+msgid "Pandas resample fill method"
+msgstr "M?todo de preenchimento de reamalhamento de pandas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:628
+msgid "Since"
+msgstr "Desde a"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:629
+msgid "7 days ago"
+msgstr "7 dias atr?s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:635
+msgid "Until"
+msgstr "At?"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:642
+msgid "Max Bubble Size"
+msgstr "Tamanho m?ximo da bolha"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:650
+msgid "Whisker/outlier options"
+msgstr "Op??es de Whisker / Outlier"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:652
+msgid "Determines how whiskers and outliers are calculated."
+msgstr "Determina como s?o calculados os bigodes e outliers."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:663
+msgid "Ratio"
+msgstr "Ratio"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:666
+msgid "Target aspect ratio for treemap tiles."
+msgstr "Rela??o de aspecto do alvo para telhas de treemap."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:672
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:643
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:668
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:817
+msgid "Number format"
+msgstr "Formato num?rico"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:682
+msgid "Row limit"
+msgstr "Limite de linha"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:690
+msgid "Series limit"
+msgstr "Limite de s?rie"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:693
+msgid "Limits the number of time series that get displayed"
+msgstr "Limita o n?mero de s?ries temporais que s?o exibidas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:698
+msgid "Sort By"
+msgstr "Ordenar por"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:700
+msgid "Metric used to define the top series"
+msgstr "M?trica usada para definir a s?rie superior"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:708
+msgid "Sort Descending"
+msgstr "Ordenar decrescente"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:710
+msgid "Whether to sort descending or ascending"
+msgstr "Quer classificar descendente ou ascendente"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:715
+msgid "Rolling"
+msgstr "Rolling"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:718
+msgid ""
+"Defines a rolling window function to apply, works along with the [Periods] "
+"text box"
+msgstr ""
+"Define uma fun??o de janela rolante para aplicar, funciona junto com a "
+"caixa de texto [Per?odos]"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:724
+msgid "Periods"
+msgstr "Per?odos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:726
+msgid ""
+"Defines the size of the rolling window function, relative to the time "
+"granularity selected"
+msgstr ""
+"Define o tamanho da fun??o da janela rolante, em rela??o ? granularidade de "
+"tempo selecionada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:732
+msgid "Min Periods"
+msgstr "Per?odos m?nimos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:734
+msgid ""
+"The minimum number of rolling periods required to show a value. For "
+"instance if you do a cumulative sum on 7 days you may want your \"Min Period"
+"\" to be 7, so that all data points shown are the total of 7 periods. This "
+"will hide the \"ramp up\" taking place over the first 7 periods"
+msgstr ""
+"O n?mero m?nimo de per?odos de rolamento necess?rios para mostrar um valor. "
+"Por exemplo, se voc? fizer uma soma cumulativa em 7 dias, voc? pode querer "
+"que seu \"Per?odo M?nimo\" seja 7, de modo que todos os pontos de dados "
+"mostrados sejam o total de 7 per?odos. Isso ir? esconder a \"acelera??o\" "
+"ocorrendo nos primeiros 7 per?odos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:743
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:124
+msgid "Series"
+msgstr "Series"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:745
+msgid ""
+"Defines the grouping of entities. Each series is shown as a specific color "
+"on the chart and has a legend toggle"
+msgstr ""
+"Define o agrupamento de entidades. Cada s?rie ? mostrada como uma cor "
+"espec?fica no gr?fico e tem uma altern?ncia de legenda"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:755
+msgid "Entity"
+msgstr "Entidade"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:758
+msgid "This defines the element to be plotted on the chart"
+msgstr "Isso define o elemento a ser plotado no gr?fico"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:766
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:173
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:574
+msgid "X Axis"
+msgstr "X Axis"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:767
+msgid "Metric assigned to the [X] axis"
+msgstr "Metric atribu?do ao eixo [X]"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:780
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:180
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:582
+msgid "Y Axis"
+msgstr "Eixo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:783
+msgid "Metric assigned to the [Y] axis"
+msgstr "Metric atribu?do ao eixo [Y]"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:794
+msgid "Bubble Size"
+msgstr "Tamanho da bolha"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:807
+msgid "URL"
+msgstr "URL"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:808
+msgid ""
+"The URL, this control is templated, so you can integrate {{ width }} and/or "
+"{{ height }} in your URL string."
+msgstr ""
+"O URL, este controle est? modelado, para que voc? possa integrar {{width}} "
+"e / ou {{height}} em sua string de URL."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:815
+msgid "X Axis Label"
+msgstr "Etiqueta X Axis"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:822
+msgid "Y Axis Label"
+msgstr "E Eixo Etiqueta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:829
+msgid "Custom WHERE clause"
+msgstr "Cl?usula WHERE personalizada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:831
+msgid ""
+"The text in this box gets included in your query's WHERE clause, as an AND "
+"to other criteria. You can include complex expression, parenthesis and "
+"anything else supported by the backend it is directed towards."
+msgstr ""
+"O texto nesta caixa ? inclu?do na cl?usula WHERE da sua consulta, como um "
+"AND para outros crit?rios. Voc? pode incluir express?o complexa, par?nteses "
+"e qualquer outra coisa suportada pelo backend para o qual ? direcionado."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:839
+msgid "Custom HAVING clause"
+msgstr "Cl?usula HAVING personalizada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:841
+msgid ""
+"The text in this box gets included in your query's HAVING clause, as an AND "
+"to other criteria. You can include complex expression, parenthesis and "
+"anything else supported by the backend it is directed towards."
+msgstr ""
+"O texto nesta caixa ? inclu?do na cl?usula HAVING da sua consulta, como um "
+"AND para outros crit?rios. Voc? pode incluir express?o complexa, par?nteses "
+"e qualquer outra coisa suportada pelo backend para o qual ? direcionado."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:849
+msgid "Comparison Period Lag"
+msgstr "Retardo do per?odo de compara??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:851
+msgid "Based on granularity, number of time periods to compare against"
+msgstr ""
+"Com base na granularidade, o n?mero de per?odos de tempo para comparar "
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:856
+msgid "Comparison suffix"
+msgstr "Sufixo de compara??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:857
+msgid "Suffix to apply after the percentage display"
+msgstr "Sufixo para aplicar ap?s a exibi??o percentual"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:863
+msgid "Table Timestamp Format"
+msgstr "Formato de data e hora da tabela"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:868
+msgid "Timestamp Format"
+msgstr "Formato do carimbo de data / hora"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:874
+msgid "Series Height"
+msgstr "Altura da s?rie"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:877
+msgid "Pixel height of each series"
+msgstr "Altura de pixel de cada s?rie"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:883
+msgid "Page Length"
+msgstr "Comprimento da p?gina"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:886
+msgid "Rows per page, 0 means no pagination"
+msgstr "Linhas por p?gina, 0 significa que nenhuma pagina??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:892
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:902
+msgid "X Axis Format"
+msgstr "Formato X Axis"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:912
+msgid "Y Axis Format"
+msgstr "Y Eixo Formato"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:922
+msgid "Right Axis Format"
+msgstr "Formato do Eixo Direito"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:931
+msgid "Date Time Format"
+msgstr "Formato da hora da data"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:940
+msgid "Markup Type"
+msgstr "Tipo de marca??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:945
+msgid "Pick your favorite markup language"
+msgstr "Escolha sua linguagem de marca??o favorita"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:950
+msgid "Rotation"
+msgstr "Rota??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:953
+msgid "Rotation to apply to words in the cloud"
+msgstr "Rota??o para aplicar a palavras na nuvem"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:958
+msgid "Line Style"
+msgstr "Estilo de linha"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:963
+msgid "Line interpolation as defined by d3.js"
+msgstr "Interpola??o de linha conforme definido por d3.js"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:968
+msgid "Label Type"
+msgstr "Tipo de etiqueta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:977
+msgid "What should be shown on the label?"
+msgstr "O que deve ser mostrado no r?tulo?"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:982
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:403
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:441
+msgid "Code"
+msgstr "C?digo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:983
+msgid "Put your code here"
+msgstr "Coloque seu c?digo aqui"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:992
+msgid "Aggregation function"
+msgstr "Fun??o de agrega??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1004
+msgid ""
+"Aggregate function to apply when pivoting and computing the total rows and "
+msgstr ""
+"Fun??o de agrega??o a ser aplicada ao girar e calcular o total de linhas e "
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1011
+msgid "Font Size From"
+msgstr "Tamanho da fonte de"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1013
+msgid "Font size for the smallest value in the list"
+msgstr "Tamanho da fonte para o menor valor na lista"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1019
+msgid "Font Size To"
+msgstr "Tamanho da fonte para"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1021
+msgid "Font size for the biggest value in the list"
+msgstr "Tamanho da fonte para o maior valor na lista"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1026
+msgid "Instant Filtering"
+msgstr "Filtragem instant?nea"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1037
+msgid "Range Filter"
+msgstr "Filtro de intervalo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1040
+msgid "Whether to display the time range interactive selector"
+msgstr "Se deseja exibir o seletor interativo do intervalo de tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1045
+msgid "Date Filter"
+msgstr "Filtro de data"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1047
+msgid "Whether to include a time filter"
+msgstr "Seja para incluir um filtro de tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1052
+msgid "Show SQL Granularity Dropdown"
+msgstr "Show SQL Granularity Dropdown"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1054
+msgid "Check to include SQL Granularity dropdown"
+msgstr "Verifique para incluir o menu suspenso SQL Granularity"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1059
+msgid "Show SQL Time Column"
+msgstr "Mostrar coluna de tempo SQL"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1061
+msgid "Check to include Time Column dropdown"
+msgstr "Verifique para incluir o menu suspenso Coluna de tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1066
+msgid "Show Druid Granularity Dropdown"
+msgstr "Show Druid Granularity Dropdown"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1068
+msgid "Check to include Druid Granularity dropdown"
+msgstr "Verifique para incluir o menu suspenso Druid Granularity"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1073
+msgid "Show Druid Time Origin"
+msgstr "Show Druid Time Origin"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1075
+msgid "Check to include Time Origin dropdown"
+msgstr "Verifique para incluir o menu suspenso Origem do tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1080
+msgid "Data Table"
+msgstr "Tabela de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1082
+msgid "Whether to display the interactive data table"
+msgstr "Se deseja exibir a tabela de dados interativos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1087
+msgid "Search Box"
+msgstr "Caixa de pesquisa"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1090
+msgid "Whether to include a client side search box"
+msgstr "Se incluir uma caixa de pesquisa do lado do cliente"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1095
+msgid "Table Filter"
+msgstr "Filtro de mesa"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1097
+msgid "Whether to apply filter when table cell is clicked"
+msgstr "Se deseja aplicar o filtro quando a c?lula da tabela ? clicada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1102
+msgid "Show Bubbles"
+msgstr "Show Bubbles"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1105
+msgid "Whether to display bubbles on top of countries"
+msgstr "Seja para exibir bolhas em cima dos pa?ses"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1110
+msgid "Legend"
+msgstr "lenda"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1113
+msgid "Whether to display the legend (toggles)"
+msgstr "Se deseja exibir a legenda (alternar)"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1118
+msgid "Show Values"
+msgstr "Mostrar valores"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1121
+msgid "Whether to display the numerical values within the cells"
+msgstr "Se deseja exibir os valores num?ricos dentro das c?lulas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1126
+msgid "X bounds"
+msgstr "X limites"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1129
+msgid "Whether to display the min and max values of the X axis"
+msgstr "Se deseja exibir os valores m?nimo e m?ximo do eixo X"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1134
+msgid "Y bounds"
+msgstr "Y limites"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1137
+msgid "Whether to display the min and max values of the Y axis"
+msgstr "Se deseja exibir os valores m?nimo e m?ximo do eixo Y"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1142
+msgid "Rich Tooltip"
+msgstr "Rich Tooltip"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1145
+msgid "The rich tooltip shows a list of all series for that point in time"
+msgstr ""
+"A ferramenta de informa??o rica mostra uma lista de todas as s?ries para "
+"esse ponto no tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1151
+msgid "Y Log Scale"
+msgstr "Y Escala de registro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1154
+msgid "Use a log scale for the Y axis"
+msgstr "Use uma escala de log para o eixo Y"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1159
+msgid "X Log Scale"
+msgstr "X Log Scale"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1162
+msgid "Use a log scale for the X axis"
+msgstr "Use uma escala de log para o eixo X"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1167
+msgid "Log Scale"
+msgstr "Escala logar?tmica"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1170
+msgid "Use a log scale"
+msgstr "Use uma escala de registro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1175
+msgid "Donut"
+msgstr "Rosquinha"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1178
+msgid "Do you want a donut or a pie?"
+msgstr "Voc? quer uma rosquinha ou uma torta?"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1183
+msgid "Put labels outside"
+msgstr "Coloque r?tulos fora"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1186
+msgid "Put the labels outside the pie?"
+msgstr "Coloque as etiquetas fora da torta?"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1191
+msgid "Contribution"
+msgstr "Contribui??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1193
+msgid "Compute the contribution to the total"
+msgstr "Calcule a contribui??o para o total"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1198
+msgid "Period Ratio"
+msgstr "R?cio de Per?odo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1201
+msgid ""
+"[integer] Number of period to compare against, this is relative to the "
+"granularity selected"
+msgstr ""
+"[n?mero inteiro] N?mero do per?odo a comparar contra, isto ? relativo ? "
+"granularidade selecionada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1207
+msgid "Period Ratio Type"
+msgstr "Tipo de R?cio de Per?odo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1210
+msgid ""
+"`factor` means (new/previous), `growth` is ((new/previous) - 1), `value` is "
+msgstr ""
+"`factor 'significa (novo / anterior),` crescimento' ? ((novo / anterior) - "
+"1), `valor` ? (novo-anterior)"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1216
+msgid "Time Shift"
+msgstr "Mudan?a de hor?rio"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1218
+msgid ""
+"Overlay a timeseries from a relative time period. Expects relative time "
+"delta in natural language (example:  24 hours, 7 days, 56 weeks, 365 days)"
+msgstr ""
+"Superponha uma s?rie de tempo de um per?odo de tempo relativo. Espera tempo "
+"relativo delta em linguagem natural (exemplo: 24 horas, 7 dias, 56 semanas, "
+"365 dias)"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1226
+msgid "Subheader"
+msgstr "Subt?tulo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1227
+msgid "Description text that shows up below your Big Number"
+msgstr "Texto de descri??o que aparece abaixo do seu grande n?mero"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1233
+msgid "label"
+msgstr "r?tulo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1235
+msgid ""
+"`count` is COUNT(*) if a group by is used. Numerical columns will be "
+"aggregated with the aggregator. Non-numerical columns will be used to label "
+"points. Leave empty to get a count of points in each cluster."
+msgstr ""
+"`count` ? COUNT (*) se um grupo for usado. As colunas num?ricas ser?o "
+"agregadas com o agregador. Colunas n?o-num?ricas ser?o usadas para rotular "
+"pontos. Deixe vazio para obter uma contagem de pontos em cada cluster."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1246
+msgid "Map Style"
+msgstr "Estilo do mapa"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1256
+msgid "Base layer map style"
+msgstr "Estilo do mapa da camada base"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1262
+msgid "Clustering Radius"
+msgstr "Raio de agrupamento"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1275
+msgid ""
+"The radius (in pixels) the algorithm uses to define a cluster. Choose 0 to "
+"turn off clustering, but beware that a large number of points (>1000) will "
+"cause lag."
+msgstr ""
+"O raio (em pixels) que o algoritmo usa para definir um cluster. Escolha 0 "
+"para desativar o cluster, mas tenha cuidado com o fato de que um grande "
+"n?mero de pontos (> 1000) causar? atraso."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1282
+msgid "Point Radius"
+msgstr "Ponto Raio"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1284
+msgid ""
+"The radius of individual points (ones that are not in a cluster). Either a "
+"numerical column or `Auto`, which scales the point based on the largest "
+msgstr ""
+"O raio de pontos individuais (aqueles que n?o est?o em um cluster). Ou uma "
+"coluna num?rica ou `Auto ', que escala o ponto com base no maior cluster"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1294
+msgid "Point Radius Unit"
+msgstr "Unidade de raio de ponto"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1297
+msgid "The unit of measure for the specified point radius"
+msgstr "A unidade de medida para o raio de ponto especificado"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1302
+msgid "Opacity"
+msgstr "Opacidade"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1305
+msgid "Opacity of all clusters, points, and labels. Between 0 and 1."
+msgstr "Opacidade de todos os clusters, pontos e r?tulos. Entre 0 e 1."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1311
+msgid "Zoom"
+msgstr "Zoom"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1314
+msgid "Zoom level of the map"
+msgstr "N?vel de zoom do mapa"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1320
+msgid "Default latitude"
+msgstr "Latitude padr?o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1323
+msgid "Latitude of default viewport"
+msgstr "Latitude da janela de exibi??o padr?o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1329
+msgid "Default longitude"
+msgstr "Longitude padr?o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1332
+msgid "Longitude of default viewport"
+msgstr "Longitude da exibi??o padr?o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1338
+msgid "Live render"
+msgstr "Live render"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1340
+msgid "Points and clusters will update as viewport is being changed"
+msgstr ""
+"Pontos e clusters ser?o atualizados ? medida que a viewport estiver sendo "
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1346
+msgid "RGB Color"
+msgstr "Cor RGB"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1356
+msgid "The color for points and clusters in RGB"
+msgstr "A cor para pontos e clusters em RGB"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1361
+msgid "Color"
+msgstr "Cor"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1362
+msgid "Pick a color"
+msgstr "Escolha uma cor"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1367
+msgid "Ranges"
+msgstr "Gamas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1369
+msgid "Ranges to highlight with shading"
+msgstr "Gira para destacar com sombreamento"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1374
+msgid "Range labels"
+msgstr "Etiquetas de escala"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1376
+msgid "Labels for the ranges"
+msgstr "Etiquetas para os intervalos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1381
+msgid "Markers"
+msgstr "Marcadores"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1383
+msgid "List of values to mark with triangles"
+msgstr "Lista de valores a marcar com tri?ngulos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1388
+msgid "Marker labels"
+msgstr "Marcadores de marcador"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1390
+msgid "Labels for the markers"
+msgstr "Etiquetas para marcadores"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1395
+msgid "Marker lines"
+msgstr "Linhas de marcador"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1397
+msgid "List of values to mark with lines"
+msgstr "Lista de valores a marcar com linhas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1402
+msgid "Marker line labels"
+msgstr "Marcadores de linha de marcador"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1404
+msgid "Labels for the marker lines"
+msgstr "Etiquetas para as linhas de marca??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1431
+msgid "Slice ID"
+msgstr "ID da fatia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1433
+msgid "The id of the active slice"
+msgstr "O id da fatia ativa"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1438
+msgid "Cache Timeout (seconds)"
+msgstr "Tempo limite de cache (segundos)"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1440
+msgid "The number of seconds before expiring the cache"
+msgstr "O n?mero de segundos antes de expirar o cache"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1445
+msgid "Order by entity id"
+msgstr "Encomendar por identifica??o de entidade"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1446
+msgid ""
+"Important! Select this if the table is not already sorted by entity id, "
+"else there is no guarantee that all events for each entity are returned."
+msgstr ""
+"Importante! Selecione isso se a tabela ainda n?o estiver classificada por "
+"entidade, caso contr?rio, n?o h? garantia de que todos os eventos para cada "
+"entidade sejam devolvidos."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1454
+msgid "Minimum leaf node event count"
+msgstr "Contagem minima do evento do n? da folha"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1457
+msgid ""
+"Leaf nodes that represent fewer than this number of events will be "
+"initially hidden in the visualization"
+msgstr ""
+"Os n?s da folha que representam menos do que este n?mero de eventos ser?o "
+"inicialmente ocultos na visualiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1463
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:25
+msgid "Color Scheme"
+msgstr "Esquema de cores"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1467
+msgid "The color scheme for rendering chart"
+msgstr "O esquema de cores para o gr?fico de renderiza??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1473
+msgid "Significance Level"
+msgstr "N?vel de signific?ncia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1475
+msgid "Threshold alpha level for determining significance"
+msgstr "N?vel alfa limite para determinar o significado"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1480
+msgid "p-value precision"
+msgstr "precis?o de valor p"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1482
+msgid "Number of decimal places with which to display p-values"
+msgstr "N?mero de casas decimais para exibir valores p"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1487
+msgid "Lift percent precision"
+msgstr "Precis?o percentual de eleva??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1489
+msgid "Number of decimal places with which to display lift values"
+msgstr "N?mero de casas decimais com as quais exibir valores de eleva??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1494
+msgid "Time Series Columns"
+msgstr "Colunas das s?ries temporais"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1501
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:356
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:470
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:519
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:782
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:846
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:936
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:958
+msgid "Options"
+msgstr "Op??es"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1507
+msgid "Not Time Series"
+msgstr "S?rie n?o tempor?ria"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1509
+msgid "Ignore time"
+msgstr "Ignore o tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1512
+msgid "Time Series"
+msgstr "S?rie de tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1514
+msgid "Standard time series"
+msgstr "S?rie temporal"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1517
+msgid "Aggregate Mean"
+msgstr "M?dia agregada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1519
+msgid "Mean of values over specified period"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1522
+msgid "Aggregate Sum"
+msgstr "Soma Agregada"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1524
+msgid "Sum of values over specified period"
+msgstr "Soma de valores ao longo do per?odo especificado"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1527
+msgid "Difference"
+msgstr "Diferen?a"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1529
+msgid "Metric change in value from `since` to `until`"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1532
+msgid "Percent Change"
+msgstr "Mudan?a percentual"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1534
+msgid "Metric percent change in value from `since` to `until`"
+msgstr "Altera??o de porcentagem m?trica em valor de `desde 'para` at?'"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1537
+msgid "Factor"
+msgstr "Fator"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1539
+msgid "Metric factor change from `since` to `until`"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1542
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:66
+msgid "Advanced Analytics"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1544
+msgid "Use the Advanced Analytics options below"
+msgstr "Use as op??es Advanced Analytics abaixo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1549
+msgid "Settings for time series"
+msgstr "Configura??es para s?ries temporais"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1554
+msgid "Equal Date Sizes"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1557
+msgid "Check to force date partitions to have the same height"
+msgstr "Verifique para for?ar as parti??es da data a ter a mesma altura"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1562
+msgid "Partition Limit"
+msgstr "Limite de parti??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1566
+msgid ""
+"The maximum number of subdivisions of each group; lower values are pruned "
+msgstr ""
+"O n?mero m?ximo de subdivis?es de cada grupo; os valores mais baixos s?o "
+"podados primeiro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1572
+msgid "Partition Threshold"
+msgstr "Limite de parti??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/controls.jsx:1576
+msgid ""
+"Partitions whose height to parent height proportions are below this value "
+"are pruned"
+msgstr ""
+"As parti??es cuja altura para as propor??es de altura dos pais est?o abaixo "
+"desse valor s?o podadas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:7
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:31
+msgid "Time"
+msgstr "Tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:9
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:32
+msgid "Time related form attributes"
+msgstr "Atributos de formul?rio relacionados ao tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:16
+msgid "Datasource & Chart Type"
+msgstr "Fonte de dados e tipo de gr?fico"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:45
+msgid "This section exposes ways to include snippets of SQL in your query"
+msgstr "Esta se??o exp?e maneiras de incluir trechos de SQL em sua consulta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:48
+#: superset/views/annotations.py:55
+msgid "Annotations"
+msgstr "Anota??es"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:67
+msgid ""
+"This section contains options that allow for advanced analytical post "
+"processing of query results"
+msgstr ""
+"Esta se??o cont?m op??es que permitem o processamento anal?tico avan?ado de "
+"resultados de consulta"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:85
+msgid "Result Filters"
+msgstr "Filtros de resultados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:87
+msgid ""
+"The filters to apply after post-aggregation.Leave the value control empty "
+"to filter empty strings or nulls"
+msgstr ""
+"Os filtros para aplicar ap?s p?s-agrega??o. Deixe o controle de valor vazio "
+"para filtrar cadeias vazias ou nulos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:110
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:146
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:164
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:203
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:245
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:280
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:303
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:492
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:540
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:561
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:612
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:634
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:659
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:685
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:718
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:755
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:808
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1018
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1173
+msgid "Chart Options"
+msgstr "Op??es do gr?fico"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:127
+msgid "Breakdowns"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:128
+msgid "Defines how each series is broken down"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:134
+msgid "Pie Chart"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:199
+msgid "Dual Axis Line Chart"
+msgstr "Gr?fico de linha de eixo duplo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:210
+msgid "Y Axis 1"
+msgstr "Eixo 1"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:216
+msgid "Y Axis 2"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:225
+msgid "Left Axis Metric"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:226
+msgid "Choose a metric for left axis"
+msgstr "Escolha uma m?trica para o eixo esquerdo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:229
+msgid "Left Axis Format"
+msgstr "Formato do eixo esquerdo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:255
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:313
+msgid "Axes"
+msgstr "Eixos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:338
+msgid "GROUP BY"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:339
+msgid "Use this section if you want a query that aggregates"
+msgstr "Use esta se??o se desejar uma consulta que agregue"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:348
+msgstr "N?O GRUPADO POR"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:349
+msgid "Use this section if you want to query atomic rows"
+msgstr "Use esta se??o se desejar consultar linhas at?micas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:375
+msgid "Time Series Table"
+msgstr "Tabela de s?ries temporais"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:392
+msgid ""
+"Templated link, it's possible to include {{ metric }} or other values "
+"coming from the controls."
+msgstr ""
+"Templated link, ? poss?vel incluir {{metric}} ou outros valores "
+"provenientes dos controles."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:424
+msgid "Pivot Options"
+msgstr "Op??es de piv?"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:568
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:880
+msgid "Bubbles"
+msgstr "Bolhas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:694
+msgid "Numeric Column"
+msgstr "Coluna num?rica"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:695
+msgid "Select the numeric column to draw the histogram"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:698
+msgid "No of Bins"
+msgstr "N?mero de embalagens"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:699
+msgid "Select number of bins for the histogram"
+msgstr "Selecione o n?mero de caixas para o histograma"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:726
+msgid "Primary Metric"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:727
+msgid "The primary metric is used to define the arc segment sizes"
+msgstr "A m?trica prim?ria ? usada para definir o tamanho do segmento de arco"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:730
+msgid "Secondary Metric"
+msgstr "M?trica secund?ria"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:731
+msgid ""
+"This secondary metric is used to define the color as a ratio against the "
+"primary metric. If the two metrics match, color is mapped level groups"
+msgstr ""
+"Esta m?trica secund?ria ? usada para definir a cor como uma rela??o contra "
+"a m?trica prim?ria. Se as duas m?tricas se combinarem, a cor ? grupos de "
+"n?vel mapeados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:736
+msgid "Hierarchy"
+msgstr "Hierarquia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:737
+msgid "This defines the level of the hierarchy"
+msgstr "Isso define o n?vel da hierarquia"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:763
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:791
+msgid "Source / Target"
+msgstr "Fonte / alvo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:764
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:792
+msgid "Choose a source and a target"
+msgstr "Escolha uma fonte e um alvo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:797
+msgid "Chord Diagram"
+msgstr "Diagrama de acordes"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:818
+msgid "Choose a number format"
+msgstr "Escolha um formato de n?mero"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:821
+msgid "Source"
+msgstr "Fonte"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:824
+msgid "Choose a source"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:827
+msgid "Target"
+msgstr "Alvo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:830
+msgid "Choose a target"
+msgstr "Escolha um alvo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:855
+msgid "ISO 3166-2 codes of region/province/department"
+msgstr "ISO 3166-2 c?digos de regi?o / prov?ncia / departamento"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:856
+msgid ""
+"It's ISO 3166-2 of your region/province/department in your table. (see "
+"documentation for list of ISO 3166-2)"
+msgstr ""
+"? ISO 3166-2 da sua regi?o / prov?ncia / departamento em sua mesa. (ver "
+"documenta??o para a lista de ISO 3166-2)"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:890
+msgid "Country Control"
+msgstr "Controle nacional"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:891
+msgid "3 letter code of the country"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:894
+msgid "Metric for color"
+msgstr "Metric for color"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:895
+msgid "Metric that defines the color of the country"
+msgstr "M?trica que define a cor do pa?s"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:898
+msgid "Bubble size"
+msgstr "Tamanho da bolha"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:899
+msgid "Metric that defines the size of the bubble"
+msgstr "M?trica que define o tamanho da bolha"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:905
+msgid "Filter Box"
+msgstr "Caixa de filtro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:921
+msgid "Filter controls"
+msgstr "Controles do filtro"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:922
+msgid ""
+"The controls you want to filter on. Note that only columns checked as "
+"\"filterable\" will show up on this list."
+msgstr ""
+"Os controles nos quais deseja filtrar. Observe que somente as colunas "
+"marcadas como \"filtr?veis\" aparecer?o nesta lista."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:978
+msgid "Heatmap Options"
+msgstr "Op??es de Heatmap"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:999
+msgid "Value bounds"
+msgstr "Limites de valor"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1008
+msgid "Value Format"
+msgstr "Formato de valor"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1014
+msgid "Horizon"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1040
+msgid "Points"
+msgstr "Pontos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1047
+msgid "Labelling"
+msgstr "Marca??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1054
+msgid "Visual Tweaks"
+msgstr "Visual Tweaks"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1063
+msgid "Viewport"
+msgstr "Janela de exibi??o"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1073
+msgid "Longitude"
+msgstr "Longitude"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1074
+msgid "Column containing longitude data"
+msgstr "Coluna contendo dados de longitude"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1077
+msgid "Latitude"
+msgstr "Latitude"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1078
+msgid "Column containing latitude data"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1081
+msgid "Cluster label aggregator"
+msgstr "Agrupador de r?tulos de cluster"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1082
+msgid ""
+"Aggregate function applied to the list of points in each cluster to produce "
+"the cluster label."
+msgstr ""
+"Fun??o agregada aplicada ? lista de pontos em cada cluster para produzir o "
+"r?tulo do cluster."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1086
+msgid "Tooltip"
+msgstr "Tooltip"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1087
+msgid ""
+"Show a tooltip when hovering over points and clusters describing the label"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1091
+msgid ""
+"One or many controls to group by. If grouping, latitude and longitude "
+"columns must be present."
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1102
+msgid "Event definition"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1112
+msgid "Additional meta data"
+msgstr "Metadados adicionais"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1120
+msgid "Column containing entity ids"
+msgstr "Identifica??o de entidade contendo uma coluna"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1121
+msgid "e.g., a \"user id\" column"
+msgstr "por exemplo, uma coluna de \"ID do usu?rio\""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1124
+msgid "Column containing event names"
+msgstr "Coluna contendo nomes de eventos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1132
+msgid "Event count limit"
+msgstr "Limite de contagem de eventos"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1133
+msgid "The maximum number of events to return, equivalent to number of rows"
+msgstr ""
+"O n?mero m?ximo de eventos a retornar, equivalente ao n?mero de linhas"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1136
+msgid "Meta data"
+msgstr "Meta dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1137
+msgid "Select any columns for meta data inspection"
+msgstr "Selecione qualquer colunas para a inspe??o de meta-dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1149
+msgid "Paired t-test"
+msgstr "Teste t pareado"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/explore/stores/visTypes.js:1166
+msgid "Time Series Options"
+msgstr "Op??es da s?rie de tempo"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/modules/superset.js:132
+msgid ""
+"The server could not be reached. You may want to verify your connection and "
+"try again."
+msgstr ""
+"O servidor n?o p?de ser alcan?ado. Voc? pode querer verificar sua conex?o e "
+"tentar novamente."
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/modules/superset.js:135
+#, python-format
+msgid "An unknown error occurred. (Status: %s )"
+msgstr "Ocorreu um erro desconhecido. (Status:% s)"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/App.jsx:24
+msgid "Favorites"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/App.jsx:30
+msgid "Created Content"
+msgstr "Conte?do criado"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/App.jsx:37
+msgid "Recent Activity"
+msgstr "Atividade recente"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/App.jsx:42
+msgid "Security & Access"
+msgstr "Seguran?a e Acesso"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/CreatedContent.jsx:33
+msgid "No slices"
+msgstr "Sem fatias"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/CreatedContent.jsx:49
+msgid "No dashboards"
+msgstr "Sem pain?is"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/CreatedContent.jsx:58
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/Favorites.jsx:59
+#: superset/templates/superset/welcome.html:13 superset/views/core.py:381
+#: superset/views/core.py:546
+msgid "Dashboards"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/CreatedContent.jsx:61
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/Favorites.jsx:62
+#: superset/views/core.py:421 superset/views/core.py:491
+msgid "Slices"
+msgstr "Fatias"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/Favorites.jsx:34
+msgid "No favorite slices yet, go click on stars!"
+msgstr "Ainda n?o h? fatias favoritas, clique nas estrelas!"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/Favorites.jsx:50
+msgid "No favorite dashboards yet, go click on stars!"
+msgstr "Ainda n?o h? pain?is favoritos, clique nas estrelas!"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/Security.jsx:14
+msgid "Roles"
+msgstr "Roles"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/Security.jsx:23
+#: superset/views/core.py:292
+msgid "Databases"
+msgstr "Bases de dados"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/Security.jsx:34
+msgid "Datasources"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/UserInfo.jsx:18
+msgid "Profile picture provided by Gravatar"
+msgstr "Foto do perfil fornecida por Gravatar"
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/UserInfo.jsx:33
+msgid "joined"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/javascripts/profile/components/UserInfo.jsx:43
+msgid "id:"
+msgstr "identidade:"
+#: superset/assets/visualizations/EventFlow.jsx:56
+msgid "Sorry, there appears to be no data"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/assets/visualizations/filter_box.jsx:181
+#, python-format
+msgid "Select [%s]"
+msgstr "Selecione [% s]"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/models.py:1073
+msgid "No data was returned."
+msgstr "Nenhum dado foi retornado."
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:26
+msgid "List Druid Column"
+msgstr "List Druid Column"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:27
+msgid "Show Druid Column"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:28
+msgid "Add Druid Column"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:29
+msgid "Edit Druid Column"
+msgstr "Edit Druid Column"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:41 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:79
+msgid "Column"
+msgstr "Coluna"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:42
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:107 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:93
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:132
+msgid "Type"
+msgstr "Tipo"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:44 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:82
+msgid "Groupable"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:45 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:83
+msgid "Filterable"
+msgstr "Filtravel"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:46 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:85
+msgid "Count Distinct"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:47 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:86
+msgid "Sum"
+msgstr "Soma"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:52 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:48
+msgid ""
+"Whether this column is exposed in the `Filters` section of the explore view."
+msgstr ""
+"Se esta coluna est? exposta na se??o `Filtros 'da vista de explora??o."
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:78
+msgid "List Druid Metric"
+msgstr "List Druid Metric"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:79
+msgid "Show Druid Metric"
+msgstr "Show Druid Metric"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:80
+msgid "Add Druid Metric"
+msgstr "Adicionar Druid Metric"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:81
+msgid "Edit Druid Metric"
+msgstr "Edit Druid Metric"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:98 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:114
+msgid ""
+"Whether the access to this metric is restricted to certain roles. Only "
+"roles with the permission 'metric access on XXX (the name of this metric)' "
+"are allowed to access this metric"
+msgstr ""
+"Se o acesso a esta m?trica ? restrito a determinadas fun??es. Somente os "
+"pap?is com a permiss?o 'acesso m?trico em XXX (o nome desta m?trica)' est?o "
+"autorizados a acessar esta m?trica"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:106 superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:80
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:131
+msgid "Verbose Name"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:108 superset/views/core.py:573
+msgid "JSON"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:109
+msgid "Druid Datasource"
+msgstr "Druid Datasource"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:110
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:137
+msgid "Warning Message"
+msgstr "Mensagem de aviso"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:127
+msgid "List Druid Cluster"
+msgstr "List Druid Cluster"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:128
+msgid "Show Druid Cluster"
+msgstr "Show Druid Cluster"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:129
+msgid "Add Druid Cluster"
+msgstr "Adicionar Druid Cluster"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:130
+msgid "Edit Druid Cluster"
+msgstr "Editar Druid Cluster"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:141
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:226
+msgid "Cluster"
+msgstr "Grupo"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:142
+msgid "Coordinator Host"
+msgstr "Coordenador de Host"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:143
+msgid "Coordinator Port"
+msgstr "Porto Coordenador"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:144
+msgid "Coordinator Endpoint"
+msgstr "Ponto final do coordenador"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:145
+msgid "Broker Host"
+msgstr "Host de corretor"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:146
+msgid "Broker Port"
+msgstr "Porto do corretor"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:147
+msgid "Broker Endpoint"
+msgstr "Ponto final do corretor"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:162
+msgid "Druid Clusters"
+msgstr "Clusters Druidas"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:165
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:266
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:314
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:322
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:295 superset/views/core.py:295
+msgid "Sources"
+msgstr "Fontes"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:172
+msgid "List Druid Datasource"
+msgstr "List Druid Datasource"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:173
+msgid "Show Druid Datasource"
+msgstr "Mostrar Druid Datasource"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:174
+msgid "Add Druid Datasource"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:175
+msgid "Edit Druid Datasource"
+msgstr "Edit Druid Datasource"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:195
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:176
+msgid ""
+"The list of slices associated with this table. By altering this datasource, "
+"you may change how these associated slices behave. Also note that slices "
+"need to point to a datasource, so this form will fail at saving if removing "
+"slices from a datasource. If you want to change the datasource for a slice, "
+"overwrite the slice from the 'explore view'"
+msgstr ""
+"A lista de fatias associadas a esta tabela. Ao alterar esta fonte de dados, "
+"voc? pode alterar a forma como essas fatias associadas se comportam. "
+"Observe tamb?m que as fatias precisam apontar para uma fonte de dados, "
+"ent?o este formul?rio falhar? na poupan?a se removerem fatias de uma fonte "
+"de dados. Se quiser alterar a fonte de dados para uma fatia, substitua a "
+"fatia da \"exibi??o de explorar\""
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:203
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:184
+msgid "Timezone offset (in hours) for this datasource"
+msgstr "Deslocamento do fuso hor?rio (em horas) para esta fonte de dados"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:207
+msgid ""
+"Time expression to use as a predicate when retrieving distinct values to "
+"populate the filter component. Only applies when `Enable Filter Select` is "
+"on. If you enter `7 days ago`, the distinct list of values in the filter "
+"will be populated based on the distinct value over the past week"
+msgstr ""
+"Express?o de tempo para usar como um predicado ao recuperar valores "
+"distintos para preencher o componente de filtro. Aplica-se apenas quando "
+"\"Ativar sele??o de filtro\" estiver ativado. Se voc? inserir `7 dias atr?s "
+"', a lista distinta de valores no filtro ser? preenchida com base no valor "
+"distinto na semana passada"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:214
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:206
+msgid ""
+"Whether to populate the filter's dropdown in the explore view's filter "
+"section with a list of distinct values fetched from the backend on the fly"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:218
+msgid ""
+"Redirects to this endpoint when clicking on the datasource from the "
+"datasource list"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:224
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:213
+msgid "Associated Slices"
+msgstr "Fatias Associadas"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:225
+msgid "Data Source"
+msgstr "Fonte de dados"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:228
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:225
+msgid "Owner"
+msgstr "Propriet?rio"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:229
+msgid "Is Hidden"
+msgstr "Est? escondido"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:230
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:218
+msgid "Enable Filter Select"
+msgstr "Ativar sele??o de filtro"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:231
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:220
+msgid "Default Endpoint"
+msgstr "Ponto final padr?o"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:232
+msgid "Time Offset"
+msgstr "Time Offset"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:233
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:222 superset/views/core.py:259
+#: superset/views/core.py:379
+msgid "Cache Timeout"
+msgstr "Tempo limite de cache"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:264
+msgid "Druid Datasources"
+msgstr "Druid Datasources"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:311
+msgid "Scan New Datasources"
+msgstr "Digitalizar novas fontes de dados"
+#: superset/connectors/druid/views.py:319
+msgid "Refresh Druid Metadata"
+msgstr "Atualizar Metadados Druidas"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/models.py:394
+msgid ""
+"Datetime column not provided as part table configuration and is required by "
+"this type of chart"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/models.py:398
+msgid "Empty query?"
+msgstr "Consulta vazia?"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/models.py:401
+msgid "Metric '{}' is not valid"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/models.py:587
+msgid ""
+"Table [{}] doesn't seem to exist in the specified database, couldn't fetch "
+"column information"
+msgstr ""
+"Tabela [{}] n?o parece existir no banco de dados especificado, n?o foi "
+"poss?vel buscar informa??es da coluna"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:26
+msgid "List Columns"
+msgstr "Colunas da Lista"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:27
+msgid "Show Column"
+msgstr "Mostrar coluna"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:28
+msgid "Add Column"
+msgstr "Adicionar coluna"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:29
+msgid "Edit Column"
+msgstr "Editar coluna"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:44
+msgid ""
+"Whether to make this column available as a [Time Granularity] option, "
+"column has to be DATETIME or DATETIME-like"
+msgstr ""
+"Seja para disponibilizar esta coluna como uma op??o [Time Granularity], a "
+"coluna deve ser DATETIME ou DATETIME"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:51
+msgid ""
+"The data type that was inferred by the database. It may be necessary to "
+"input a type manually for expression-defined columns in some cases. In most "
+"case users should not need to alter this."
+msgstr ""
+"O tipo de dados que foi inferido pelo banco de dados. Pode ser necess?rio "
+"inserir um tipo manualmente para colunas definidas por express?es em alguns "
+"casos. Na maioria dos casos, os usu?rios n?o precisam alterar isso."
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:89
+msgid "Expression"
+msgstr "Express?o"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:90
+msgid "Is temporal"
+msgstr "? temporal"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:91
+msgid "Datetime Format"
+msgstr "Formato de data e hora"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:92
+msgid "Database Expression"
+msgstr "Express?o de banco de dados"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:101
+msgid "List Metrics"
+msgstr "M?tricas de lista"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:102
+msgid "Show Metric"
+msgstr "Mostrar m?tricas"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:103
+msgid "Add Metric"
+msgstr "Adicionar m?trica"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:104
+msgid "Edit Metric"
+msgstr "Editar m?trica"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:133
+msgid "SQL Expression"
+msgstr "Express?o SQL"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:135
+msgid "D3 Format"
+msgstr "Formato D3"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:136
+msgid "Is Restricted"
+msgstr "? restrito"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:154
+msgid "List Tables"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:155
+msgid "Show Table"
+msgstr "Mostrar tabela"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:156
+msgid "Add Table"
+msgstr "Adicionar tabela"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:157
+msgid "Edit Table"
+msgstr "Editar tabela"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:185
+msgid "Name of the table that exists in the source database"
+msgstr "Nome da tabela que existe no banco de dados de origem"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:187
+msgid "Schema, as used only in some databases like Postgres, Redshift and DB2"
+msgstr ""
+"Schema, usado apenas em alguns bancos de dados, como Postgres, Redshift e "
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:193
+msgid ""
+"This fields acts a Superset view, meaning that Superset will run a query "
+"against this string as a subquery."
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:197
+msgid ""
+"Predicate applied when fetching distinct value to populate the filter "
+"control component. Supports jinja template syntax. Applies only when "
+"`Enable Filter Select` is on."
+msgstr ""
+"Predicado aplicado ao obter um valor distinto para preencher o componente "
+"de controle de filtro. Suporta a sintaxe do modelo jinja. Aplica-se somente "
+"quando \"Ativar sele??o de filtro\" est? ativado."
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:203
+msgid ""
+"Redirects to this endpoint when clicking on the table from the table list"
+msgstr ""
+"Redireciona para este ponto final ao clicar na tabela da lista da tabela"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:215
+msgid "Changed By"
+msgstr "Alterado por"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:216 superset/views/core.py:255
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:19 superset/views/sql_lab.py:55
+msgid "Database"
+msgstr "Base de dados"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:217 superset/views/core.py:257
+msgid "Last Changed"
+msgstr "Modificado pela ?ltima vez"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:219
+msgid "Schema"
+msgstr "Esquema"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:221
+msgid "Offset"
+msgstr "Offset"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:223
+msgid "Table Name"
+msgstr "Nome da mesa"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:224
+msgid "Fetch Values Predicate"
+msgstr "Preconceito de valores de busca"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:226
+msgid "Main Datetime Column"
+msgstr "Coluna de data inicial principal"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:242
+msgid ""
+"Table [{}] could not be found, please double check your database "
+"connection, schema, and table name"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:255
+msgid ""
+"The table was created. As part of this two phase configuration process, you "
+"should now click the edit button by the new table to configure it."
+msgstr ""
+"A tabela foi criada. Como parte deste processo de configura??o de duas "
+"fases, voc? deve agora clicar no bot?o Editar pela nova tabela para "
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:278
+msgid "Refresh Metadata"
+msgstr "Atualizar Metadados"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:279
+msgid "Refresh column metadata"
+msgstr "Atualizar metadados de colunas"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:286
+#, python-format
+msgid "Metadata refreshed for the following table(s): %(tables)s"
+msgstr "Metadados atualizados para a seguinte tabela(s): %(tables)s"
+#: superset/connectors/sqla/views.py:293
+msgid "Tables"
+msgstr "Tabelas"
+#: superset/templates/appbuilder/navbar_right.html:41
+msgid "Profile"
+msgstr "Perfil"
+#: superset/templates/appbuilder/navbar_right.html:42
+msgid "Logout"
+msgstr "Sair"
+#: superset/templates/appbuilder/navbar_right.html:47
+msgid "Login"
+msgstr "Login"
+#: superset/templates/appbuilder/general/widgets/base_list.html:37
+msgid "Record Count"
+msgstr "Contagem de registros"
+#: superset/templates/appbuilder/general/widgets/base_list.html:46
+msgid "No records found"
+msgstr "Nenhum registro foi encontrado"
+#: superset/templates/superset/import_dashboards.html:11
+msgid "Import"
+msgstr "Importar"
+#: superset/templates/superset/request_access.html:2
+msgid "No Access!"
+msgstr "N?o h? acesso!"
+#: superset/templates/superset/request_access.html:7
+#, python-format
+msgid "You do not have permissions to access the datasource(s): %(name)s."
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/templates/superset/request_access.html:13
+msgid "Request Permissions"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/templates/superset/welcome.html:3
+msgid "Welcome!"
+msgstr "Bem vinda!"
+#: superset/templates/superset/models/database/macros.html:4
+msgid "Test Connection"
+msgstr "Conex?o de teste"
+#: superset/views/annotations.py:50 superset/views/annotations.py:58
+#: superset/views/core.py:285 superset/views/core.py:2401
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:30
+msgid "Manage"
+msgstr "Gerir"
+#: superset/views/base.py:62
+#, python-format
+msgid "Datasource %(name)s already exists"
+msgstr "Fonte de dados %(name)s j? existe"
+#: superset/views/base.py:221
+msgid "json isn't valid"
+msgstr "json n?o ? v?lido"
+#: superset/views/base.py:272
+msgid "Delete"
+msgstr "Excluir"
+#: superset/views/base.py:273
+msgid "Delete all Really?"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/views/core.py:58
+msgid "This endpoint requires the `all_datasource_access` permission"
+msgstr "Este ponto final requer a permiss?o `all_datasource_access`"
+#: superset/views/core.py:60
+msgid "The datasource seems to have been deleted"
+msgstr "A fonte de dados parece ter sido exclu?da"
+#: superset/views/core.py:61
+msgid "The access requests seem to have been deleted"
+msgstr "Os pedidos de acesso parecem ter sido exclu?dos"
+#: superset/views/core.py:63
+msgid "The user seems to have been deleted"
+msgstr "O usu?rio parece ter sido exclu?do"
+#: superset/views/core.py:64
+msgid "You don't have access to this datasource"
+msgstr "Voc? n?o tem acesso a esta fonte de dados"
+#: superset/views/core.py:68
+#, python-format
+msgid ""
+"This view requires the database %(name)s or `all_datasource_access` "
+msgstr ""
+"Essa visualiza??o requer o permiss?o do banco de dados %(name) s ou "
+#: superset/views/core.py:73
+#, python-format
+msgid ""
+"This endpoint requires the datasource %(name)s, database or "
+"`all_datasource_access` permission"
+msgstr ""
+"Este ponto final requer a fonte de dados %(name)s, banco de dados ou "
+"permiss?o 'all_datasource_access'"
+#: superset/views/core.py:176
+msgid "List Databases"
+msgstr "Listar bases de dados"
+#: superset/views/core.py:177
+msgid "Show Database"
+msgstr "Mostrar banco de dados"
+#: superset/views/core.py:178
+msgid "Add Database"
+msgstr "Adicionar banco de dados"
+#: superset/views/core.py:179
+msgid "Edit Database"
+msgstr "Editar banco de dados"
+#: superset/views/core.py:218
+msgid "Expose this DB in SQL Lab"
+msgstr "Expor este banco de dados no SQL Lab"
+#: superset/views/core.py:219
+msgid ""
+"Allow users to run synchronous queries, this is the default and should work "
+"well for queries that can be executed within a web request scope (<~1 "
+msgstr ""
+"Permitir que os usu?rios executem consultas s?ncronas, este ? o padr?o e "
+"deve funcionar bem para consultas que podem ser executadas dentro de um "
+"escopo de solicita??o na web (<~ 1 minuto)"
+#: superset/views/core.py:223
+msgid ""
+"Allow users to run queries, against an async backend. This assumes that you "
+"have a Celery worker setup as well as a results backend."
+msgstr ""
+"Permitir que os usu?rios executem consultas, contra um backend ass?ncrono. "
+"Isso pressup?e que voc? tenha uma configura??o do trabalhador de aipo, bem "
+"como um backend de resultados."
+#: superset/views/core.py:227
+msgid "Allow CREATE TABLE AS option in SQL Lab"
+msgstr "Permitir a op??o CREATE TABLE AS no SQL Lab"
+#: superset/views/core.py:228
+msgid ""
+"Allow users to run non-SELECT statements (UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, ...) in "
+"SQL Lab"
+msgstr ""
+"Permitir que os usu?rios executem instru??es n?o-SELECT (UPDATE, DELETE, "
+"CREATE, ...) no SQL Lab"
+#: superset/views/core.py:232
+msgid ""
+"When allowing CREATE TABLE AS option in SQL Lab, this option forces the "
+"table to be created in this schema"
+msgstr ""
+"Ao permitir a op??o CREATE TABLE AS no SQL Lab, esta op??o for?a a tabela a "
+"ser criada neste esquema"
+#: superset/views/core.py:244
+msgid ""
+"If Presto, all the queries in SQL Lab are going to be executed as the "
+"currently logged on user who must have permission to run them.<br/>If Hive "
+"and hive.server2.enable.doAs is enabled, will run the queries as service "
+"account, but impersonate the currently logged on user via hive.server2."
+"proxy.user property."
+msgstr ""
+"Se Presto, todas as consultas no SQL Lab ser?o executadas como o usu?rio "
+"atualmente conectado que deve ter permiss?o para execut?-las. <br/> Se hive "
+"e hive.server2.enable.doAs estiver habilitado, ser? executado as consultas "
+"como conta de servi?o, mas personifique o usu?rio atualmente conectado "
+"usando a propriedade hive.server2.proxy.user."
+#: superset/views/core.py:251
+msgid "Expose in SQL Lab"
+msgstr "Expos? no SQL Lab"
+#: superset/views/core.py:252
+msgid "Allow CREATE TABLE AS"
+msgstr "Permitir CREATE TABLE AS"
+#: superset/views/core.py:253
+msgid "Allow DML"
+msgstr "Permitir DML"
+#: superset/views/core.py:254
+msgid "CTAS Schema"
+msgstr "Esquema CTAS"
+#: superset/views/core.py:256 superset/views/core.py:380
+#: superset/views/core.py:493 superset/views/core.py:557
+msgid "Creator"
+msgstr "O Criador"
+#: superset/views/core.py:258
+msgid "SQLAlchemy URI"
+msgstr "URI SQLAlchemy"
+#: superset/views/core.py:260
+msgid "Extra"
+msgstr "Extra"
+#: superset/views/core.py:261
+msgid "Allow Run Sync"
+msgstr "Permitir executar a sincroniza??o"
+#: superset/views/core.py:262
+msgid "Allow Run Async"
+msgstr "Permitir executar async"
+#: superset/views/core.py:263
+msgid "Impersonate the logged on user"
+msgstr "Representar o usu?rio conectado"
+#: superset/views/core.py:281
+msgid "Import Dashboards"
+msgstr "Importar pain?is"
+#: superset/views/core.py:323 superset/views/core.py:570
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:18 superset/views/sql_lab.py:54
+msgid "User"
+msgstr "Do utilizador"
+#: superset/views/core.py:324
+msgid "User Roles"
+msgstr "Fun??es do usu?rio"
+#: superset/views/core.py:325
+msgid "Database URL"
+msgstr "URL da base de dados"
+#: superset/views/core.py:327
+msgid "Roles to grant"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/views/core.py:328
+msgid "Created On"
+msgstr "Criado em"
+#: superset/views/core.py:334
+msgid "Access requests"
+msgstr "Solicita??es de acesso"
+#: superset/views/core.py:336 superset/views/core.py:581
+msgid "Security"
+msgstr "Seguran?a"
+#: superset/views/core.py:343
+msgid "List Slices"
+msgstr "Lista de fatias"
+#: superset/views/core.py:344
+msgid "Show Slice"
+msgstr "Show Slice"
+#: superset/views/core.py:345
+msgid "Add Slice"
+msgstr "Adicionar fatia"
+#: superset/views/core.py:346
+msgid "Edit Slice"
+msgstr "Editar fatia"
+#: superset/views/core.py:368
+msgid ""
+"These parameters are generated dynamically when clicking the save or "
+"overwrite button in the explore view. This JSON object is exposed here for "
+"reference and for power users who may want to alter specific parameters."
+msgstr ""
+"Esses par?metros s?o gerados dinamicamente ao clicar no bot?o Salvar ou "
+"Substituir na vista de exibi??o. Este objeto JSON ? exposto aqui para "
+"refer?ncia e para usu?rios avan?ados que desejam alterar par?metros "
+#: superset/views/core.py:373
+msgid "Duration (in seconds) of the caching timeout for this slice."
+msgstr "Dura??o (em segundos) do tempo limite de cache para esta fatia."
+#: superset/views/core.py:384
+msgid "Last Modified"
+msgstr "?ltima modifica??o"
+#: superset/views/core.py:385 superset/views/core.py:492
+msgid "Owners"
+msgstr "os Propriet?rios"
+#: superset/views/core.py:386
+msgid "Parameters"
+msgstr "Par?metros"
+#: superset/views/core.py:387 superset/views/core.py:433
+msgid "Slice"
+msgstr "Fatia"
+#: superset/views/core.py:450
+msgid "List Dashboards"
+msgstr "Lista de pain?is"
+#: superset/views/core.py:451
+msgid "Show Dashboard"
+msgstr "Mostrar Painel"
+#: superset/views/core.py:452
+msgid "Add Dashboard"
+msgstr "Adicionar painel"
+#: superset/views/core.py:453
+msgid "Edit Dashboard"
+msgstr "Editar o painel de instrumentos"
+#: superset/views/core.py:465
+msgid ""
+"This json object describes the positioning of the widgets in the dashboard. "
+"It is dynamically generated when adjusting the widgets size and positions "
+"by using drag & drop in the dashboard view"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/views/core.py:470
+msgid ""
+"The css for individual dashboards can be altered here, or in the dashboard "
+"view where changes are immediately visible"
+msgstr ""
+"O css para pain?is individuais pode ser alterado aqui, ou na exibi??o do "
+"painel onde as mudan?as s?o imediatamente vis?veis"
+#: superset/views/core.py:474
+msgid "To get a readable URL for your dashboard"
+msgstr "Para obter um URL leg?vel para o painel de controle"
+#: superset/views/core.py:475
+msgid ""
+"This JSON object is generated dynamically when clicking the save or "
+"overwrite button in the dashboard view. It is exposed here for reference "
+"and for power users who may want to alter specific parameters."
+msgstr ""
+"Este objeto JSON ? gerado dinamicamente ao clicar no bot?o salvar ou "
+"substituir na exibi??o do painel. ? exposto aqui para refer?ncia e para "
+"usu?rios avan?ados que desejam alterar par?metros espec?ficos."
+#: superset/views/core.py:480
+msgid "Owners is a list of users who can alter the dashboard."
+msgstr ""
+"Os propriet?rios s?o uma lista de usu?rios que podem alterar o painel."
+#: superset/views/core.py:488 superset/views/core.py:555
+msgid "Dashboard"
+msgstr "painel de controle"
+#: superset/views/core.py:490
+msgid "Slug"
+msgstr "Slug"
+#: superset/views/core.py:495
+msgid "Position JSON"
+msgstr "Posi??o JSON"
+#: superset/views/core.py:497
+msgid "JSON Metadata"
+msgstr "Metadados da JSON"
+#: superset/views/core.py:498
+msgid "Underlying Tables"
+msgstr "Mesas subjacentes"
+#: superset/views/core.py:521
+msgid "Export"
+msgstr "Exportar"
+#: superset/views/core.py:521
+msgid "Export dashboards?"
+msgstr "Exportar pain?is?"
+#: superset/views/core.py:571
+msgid "Action"
+msgstr "A?ao"
+#: superset/views/core.py:572
+msgid "dttm"
+msgstr "DTIM"
+#: superset/views/core.py:579
+msgid "Action Log"
+msgstr "Registro de A??o"
+#: superset/views/core.py:810
+msgid "Access was requested"
+msgstr "O acesso foi solicitado"
+#: superset/views/core.py:871
+#, python-format
+msgid ""
+"%(user)s was granted the role %(role)s that gives access to the "
+msgstr ""
+"%(user)s foi concedida a fun??o %(role)s que d? acesso ao %(datasource)s"
+#: superset/views/core.py:887
+#, python-format
+msgid "Role %(r)s was extended to provide the access to the datasource %(ds)s"
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/views/core.py:896
+msgid "You have no permission to approve this request"
+msgstr "Voc? n?o tem permiss?o para aprovar este pedido"
+#: superset/views/core.py:1676
+msgid ""
+"Malformed request. slice_id or table_name and db_name arguments are expected"
+msgstr ""
+"Pedido mal formado. Os argumentos slice_id ou table_name e db_name s?o "
+#: superset/views/core.py:1682
+#, python-format
+msgid "Slice %(id)s not found"
+msgstr "Slice %(id)s n?o encontrado"
+#: superset/views/core.py:1694
+#, python-format
+msgid "Table %(t)s wasn't found in the database %(d)s"
+msgstr "A tabela %(t)s n?o foi encontrada no banco de dados %(d)s"
+#: superset/views/core.py:1833
+#, python-format
+msgid "Can't find User '%(name)s', please ask your admin to create one."
+msgstr ""
+#: superset/views/core.py:1840
+#, python-format
+msgid "Can't find DruidCluster with cluster_name = '%(name)s'"
+msgstr "N?o ? poss?vel encontrar DruidCluster com cluster_name = '%(name)s'"
+#: superset/views/core.py:2101
+msgid "Query record was not created as expected."
+msgstr "O registro de consulta n?o foi criado conforme o esperado."
+#: superset/views/core.py:2387
+msgid "Template Name"
+msgstr "Nome do modelo"
+#: superset/views/core.py:2398
+msgid "CSS Templates"
+msgstr "Modelos CSS"
+#: superset/views/core.py:2409
+msgid "SQL Editor"
+msgstr "Editor de SQL"
+#: superset/views/core.py:2414 superset/views/core.py:2423
+msgid "SQL Lab"
+msgstr "Laborat?rio SQL"
+#: superset/views/core.py:2418
+msgid "Query Search"
+msgstr "Pesquisa de consulta"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:20
+msgid "Status"
+msgstr "Status"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:21
+msgid "Start Time"
+msgstr "Hora de in?cio"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:22 superset/views/sql_lab.py:58
+msgid "End Time"
+msgstr "Fim do tempo"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:28
+msgid "Queries"
+msgstr "Consultas"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:37
+msgid "List Saved Query"
+msgstr "Lista de Consulta Salva"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:38
+msgid "Show Saved Query"
+msgstr "Mostrar consulta salva"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:39
+msgid "Add Saved Query"
+msgstr "Adicionar consulta salva"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:40
+msgid "Edit Saved Query"
+msgstr "Editar consulta salva"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:59
+msgid "Pop Tab Link"
+msgstr "Link Tab Tab"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:60
+msgid "Changed on"
+msgstr "Alterado em"
+#: superset/views/sql_lab.py:79
+msgid "Saved Queries"
+msgstr "Perguntas frequentes"


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