CasperLiu opened a new issue #4822: Superset v0.24.0 Locale for Chinese 
language is broken for Chart menu part(controlled by js/jsx)
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found one similar
   ### Superset version
   ### Expected results
   Background, in our company we are popularize Superset to finance division, 
so I am doing Chinese translation work based on v0.24.0. I know github repo 
already has a Chinese translation, and I'd like to expect: the Chinese messages 
could be shown on Superset Web GUI, especially the menu implemented by React, 
so that users could have a better understanding of how to use Superset.
   ### Actual results
   With Superset v0.24.0, **even if we have switched to Chinese locale on the 
Superset webpage,  user still cannot see Chinese translation content on the 
chart menu part.**
   So the Chinese translation part is broken in v0.24.0.
   ### Steps to reproduce
   1. Open Superset webpage, and switch to Chinese locale on the top-right 
button of the webpage.
   2. Open a Chart(Slice), check the left part of the webpage and see it is 
still Englis prompt, no Chinese messages.
   Below is what I have seen after the above reproducing:
   Top bar menus are good in Chinese, but left menus are still in English(PS: 
the left menus indeed have Chinese translation in 
   Below is how I solve the Chinese translation missing issue:
   I followed below procedure guide and I have the Chinese translation worked 
for Chart menu part.
   1. Go to top directory of superset directory.
   (venv) [root@centos4 site-packages]# pwd
   2. Modify babel.cfg to add **static** for js/jsx path, OTHERWISE "fabmanager 
babel-extract" will NOT extract the messages for translation in js/jsx files.
   A big question, why there is NO **static** in the github repo? 
   Without the **static** in,
 how could the messages in js/jsx be extracted?
   Could you please help answer?
   (venv) [root@centos4 translations]# cat babel.cfg 
   [ignore: superset/assets/node_modules/**]
   [python: superset/**.py]
   [jinja2: superset/**/templates/**.html]
   [javascript: superset/**static**/assets/javascripts/**.js]
   [javascript: superset/**static**/assets/javascripts/**.jsx]
   [javascript: superset/**static**/assets/visualizations/**.js]
   [javascript: superset/**static**/assets/visualizations/**.jsx]
   encoding = utf-8
   3. Extract the messages marked for translation
   (venv) [root@centos4 site-packages]# fabmanager babel-extract --target 
superset/translations/ --output superset/translations/messages.pot --config 
superset/translations/babel.cfg -k _ -k __ -k t -k tn -k tct
   4. Compile and generate json file.
   (venv) [root@centos4 site-packages]# fabmanager babel-compile --target 
   (venv) [root@centos4 site-packages]# po2json -d superset -f jed1.x 
   5. Restart Superset and select Chinese locale.
   After above operation, the translation messages could been seen on menu, as 
   If needed, I could contribute to solve this issue for Chinese locale, and 
submit to Superset repo and catch a 0.24.0 stream patch or later release, since 
I am familiar with Chinese.
   Please don't hesitate if anything needed! :)
   Thanks a lot in advance!

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