thanks for the nice evening! :-)

Am 17.09.2016 um 10:09 schrieb Oliver B. Fischer:
> We also discussed how to maintain our project homepage. I must admit
> that our first approach using Maven site has some disadvantages. The
> main problem is the Maven site skin we use at the moment. It is
> maintained since some years. That is very pitty. Our suggested solution
> is to migrate the homepage from a Maven site to JBake.

Since jbake has many pros and cons as well I stumbled into
when I read one of the last LinuxUser magazines.

The theming catalogue seems quite nice to me. Having followed jbake for
quite a while I'm not sure if it does not have the same problems as our
current outdated mvn-plugin.

But we could try jBake as well -
@Oliver can you be so kind to request a new repository


We could use that until a final decision is made and keep the old mvn
site for the current release.


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