On https://taverna.incubator.apache.org/community/irc

we suggest the #taverna IRC channel as an informal chat. However by
its synchronous nature and our various time zones it has not really
seen any use.

I think it's good that we primarily use the mailing list.

Should we remove the above IRC page from our website?

One web-chat that is very popular in open source communities these
days is Gitter, which is free for open source communities. It's
semi-asynchronous - as it keeps the backlog for you (channels are open
by default), and you can turn on/off email notifications.

Some of the nice features are how you can paste code examples etc. See
for instance how it's used by the Common Workflow Language community:


However to log in and chat you need either a GitHub or Twitter
account. So it's not as open as IRC. (but you can use
https://irc.gitter.im/ with an IRC client if you have an account!)

As a test I made an Apache Taverna Gitter room:


What do you think?

As always - remember: "If it didn't happen on the mailing list, it
didn't happen!"

Stian Soiland-Reyes

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