I am* Hitesh Gautam *from India pursuing my* B.Tech(IT and Mathematical
Innovation) *from *Cluster Innovation Centre*, University of Delhi. I want
to work on the Apache Taverna Mobile as a GSoC 2018 student.

I plan to work on UI test and JUnit test in apache taverna mobile in GSoC

So I have already gone through the code of this application and set it up
successfully on my system. I found that the current codebase of the
application uses RxJava 1 but support for RxJava 1 is coming to an end
soon. So I suggest that we migrate the project from RxJava 1 to RxJava 2
and then we write new UI tests and JUnit tests for the updated codebase.
This will help keep the application stable and provide support for the
latest changes in the dependencies.

Tasks I plan to work on during this project:-

   - Migrate the project from RxJava 1 to RxJava 2

   - UI Improvements

   - UI test and JUnit test

   - More to be added as I contribute further to the project.

      Issues I am currently working on:-

   - On the login screen, if we type correct username then it shows the
   message: “enter valid email Id” under text field and if we type correct
   email then again it shows “enter valid email id”. This issue is also
   depicted in images below:-

           Login Page (using correct username)


           Login Page 2(using correct email)


   - In Dashboard the usage panel UI can be improved significantly. I have
   already started making some minor changes.

Before changes

        After Changes


Thank You

Hitesh Gautam
Cluster Innovation Centre

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