Thisis Xuan with Microsoft. We are looking at the Tez statistics model trying 
toextend it to support our custom workloads. Here are some observations of 
thefew statistics objects in the current codebase:

1.   InputStatistics,OutputStatictics and VertexStatiscs are interfaces in 

2.   TaskStatistics is a classin tez-runtime-internals.

3.   VertexStatiscsImpl is aninner class of VertexImpl implementing 
VertexStatistics in tez-dag.

4.   IOStatistics is in a classin tez-runtime-internals and IOStaticsticsImpl 
is a static inner class ofVertexImpl extending IOStatistics but implementing 
InputStatistics andOutputStatistics.


Ourintention is to extend VertexStatisticsImpl so that we can aggregate the 
custompayload in TaskStatistics. But the object model here seems to be 
ratherconfusing and not consistent. We are planning to do some work in this 
area toimprove it, but not sure whether there is any work going on right now 
and thestatus of it? 




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