Jens Geyer commented on THRIFT-4496:

In addition to the (by intention) not exhaustive global keyword list, there are 
solutions on a per language basis which make sure that proper code is generated 
that compiles. They merely work as you describe, by adding underscores or using 
[mechanisms like 
prefixes|https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/x53a06bb(v=vs.120).aspx] and 
if they don't work for a particular keyword then this is a problem that should 
be fixed. And there should not be an additional switch for it, because 
generating uncompileable code is a bug.

Second, the definition of "complete" is something that is hard to formalize, 
because it is context dependent. So the question stays, what context you plan 
to use for \{{--screen-keywords}} (and what "screen" means), i.e. who defines 
what a keyword is? To my understanding keywords are defined by the language 
designers, not by Scrooge.

The problem with a global, exhaustive list is furthermore, that different 
languages have different ideas about what a keyword is and what not. It is hard 
to explain why a particular name should be disallowed for everybody if only one 
out of 20 languages has a problem with it. The list today contains often used 
keywords across languages (and yes, there may be some exceptions to that rule 
of thumb for historical reasons)

Personal opinion: If we start to add "fixes" in Thrift to circumvent problems 
(or some vague "incompatibilities" that you mention) that other environments 
introduce ... well, I'm not sure if that is such a great idea.


> Screen keywords in service method names
> ---------------------------------------
>                 Key: THRIFT-4496
>                 URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/THRIFT-4496
>             Project: Thrift
>          Issue Type: New Feature
>          Components: Python - Compiler
>            Reporter: Vera Filippova
>            Priority: Minor
> Apache Thrift compiler doesn't allow to use keywords in any of supported 
> languages as field names. However, there are other compilers, like Scrooge, 
> which do allow using some keywords as field identifiers, which leads to 
> incompatibility.
> Assume we had a service with 'delete' method, with Java code generated by 
> Scrooge. Now we'd like to generate Python code with Apache Thrift, but 
> encounter an error because of the 'delete' keyword.
> I understand that using only Apache Thrift compiler, a user will never 
> encounter this problem, but I think enabling keywords by request seems 
> feasible.
> h1. Proposal
> It's possible to tweak keywords on code generation stage, e.g. use 'delete_' 
> as a name of a generated function instead of 'delete', then use the original 
> method name for a protocol message: writeMethodBegin('delete').
> This feature could be enabled with an additional flag, e.g. --screen-keywords.
> I have a draft for python generator here [https://github.com/nsrtvwls/thrift]
> The questions are, is this functionality welcome? If yes, would it require to 
> have it supported for all languages?

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