Could we switch to https://github.com/Microsoft/vcpkg?


Robert Lu

On 3/1/18 11:38, James E. King, III wrote:
Appveyor builds are not working.  The build scripts use chocolatey to
install some tools like winflexbison for MSVC builds, and that chocolatey
package is currently broken.  The maintainer has been notified.  I haven't
found a good workaround yet.

Travis CI builds should be more stable, but I am seeing some issues in the
builds on Github.  As part of merging in Common Lisp language support I am
planning to switch the baseline build (including all cross tests) to Ubuntu
Artful (17.10) which has a sbcl implementation in it.  We will continue to
build one build job on trusty and xenial (autotools.sh, which runs "make

I am working on these issues.

- Jim

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