On Wed, 12 Oct 2016, Simone Tripodi wrote:
while upgrading the system where I've been working on, I updated Apache POI
to version 3.15, then Tika (currently tika-parsers-1.7, I am
testing tika-parsers-1.14-SNAPSHOT)

You can't just upgrade one jar. You need to use all of the POI jars together from the same version, all of their required dependencies, and the matching Tika jars for that POI version. Oh, and the other Tika dependencies for the other parsers!

For testing, you could just get the Tika App jar, pop that on your classpath in place of all the Tika + Tika dependency jars, then test. To upgrade fully, you should either use a dependency management system like Maven or Gradle, or the OSGi bundle with an OSGi framework


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