Ancuta Morarasu created TIKA-2630:

             Summary: Wrong height and width metadata for JPEG images
                 Key: TIKA-2630
             Project: Tika
          Issue Type: Bug
            Reporter: Ancuta Morarasu

According to [Exif 
specs|,-176,103], for 
compressed images the values for width and height should come from the tags:
* *PixelXDimension* mapped in metadata-extractor to 
{{com.drew.metadata.Directory.ExifDirectoryBase.TAG_EXIF_IMAGE_WIDTH}} and
* *PixelYDimension* mapped to {{ExifDirectoryBase.TAG_EXIF_IMAGE_HEIGHT}}.

 should extract and set these in the metadata:

 if (directory.containsTag(ExifSubIFDDirectory.TAG_EXIF_IMAGE_WIDTH)) {
  if (directory.containsTag(ExifSubIFDDirectory.TAG_EXIF_IMAGE_WIDTH)) {

Also the {{CopyUnknownFieldsHandler}} overrides the values for "Image Width" 
({{JpegDirectory.TAG_IMAGE_WIDTH}}) and "Image Height" 
({{JpegDirectory.TAG_IMAGE_HEIGHT}}) with the values from 
{{ExifIFD0Descriptor.TAG_IMAGE_WIDTH}} and 
{{ExifIFD0Descriptor.TAG_IMAGE_HEIGHT}} because they have the same tag name.

I attached a sample image, these are the metadata values:

* extracted by metadata-extractor:
[JPEG] Image Height = 367 pixels
[JPEG] Image Width = 1535 pixels
[Exif IFD0] Image Width = 2173 pixels
[Exif IFD0] Image Height = 520 pixels
[Exif SubIFD] Exif Image Width = 1535 pixels
[Exif SubIFD] Exif Image Height = 367 pixels

* Tika metadata:
Image Height: 520 pixels
Image Width: 2173 pixels
tiff:ImageLength: 520
tiff:ImageWidth: 2173
Exif Image Height: 367 pixels
Exif Image Width: 1535 pixels

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