This issue was created a while back:

It presents an option to allow running of a single test in the
structure/process test suite. The solution is beyond anything anyone will
ever do in TinkerPop 3.x (a massive body of work) as it means restructuring
the thousands of tests that we have in a way that I think ends up being
more prone to error than what we have. We do have the environment variable
workaround for running a single test case, and of course marko's classic
method - comment out tests from the process/standard suite that you don't
want to run. :)

I thought I would just bring it to everyone's attention before I closed it,
in case anyone felt differently. Unless there are objections, I'll assume
lazy consensus in three days (Monday, September 19, 2016, 12:30pm EST) and
move forward to close.

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