As per Apache policies, we are allowed to deploy SNAPSHOTs of our Java
artifacts to Apache Nexus so that developers can get early access. We just
cannot promote SNAPSHOTs as versions to use.

I built the gremlin-python deployment system with support for SNAPSHOTs.
They are not quite the same as nexus, but it basically appends a
".dev{timestamp}" to the version at the time of the deployment to pypi. I
don't see any material difference to deploying SNAPSHOTs to pypi and nexus.
I think that the additional step with pypi however might be to go in an
manually "hide" the release. The "hide" just hides the dev version in the

Anyway, just thought I'd mention how that works in case anyone had any
comments. I didn't want folks to be surprised to see python SNAPSHOTs out
there the next time we did a "mvn deploy".

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