Marko A. Rodriguez created TINKERPOP-1507:

             Summary: Pick.any and Pick.none are not in GraphSON or 
                 Key: TINKERPOP-1507
             Project: TinkerPop
          Issue Type: Improvement
          Components: io, language-variant, process
    Affects Versions: 3.2.2, 3.1.4
            Reporter: Marko A. Rodriguez

There are numerous "tokens" (enums) in Gremlin -- {{T}}, {{Order}}, 
{{Compare}}, etc.

We forgot {{Pick}}. Doh. {{Pick}} is used in branch-options to support 
"default" and "all"-type semantics in switch behavior. We need to add it to 
GraphSON and Gremlin-Python.

More generally, I think we should consolidate all the "tokens" into a single 
Java file.

public class Tokens {
  public enum T { .. }
  public enum Order { .. }
  public enum VertexCardinality { ..}
  public enum Compare { .. }
  public enum Pick { .. } 

We could make it backwards compatible by:

T.label = Tokens.T.label.

By having all this consolidate, we will more easily know what we have and will 
be better able to use reflection in language variant generators.

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