It stinks that we would break 3K+ downloads. I don't know the npm
environment too well. Can a break be expected for people? The current
version of is at 2.6.0 and we would
publish at 3.x which people could expect as a breaking change, no?

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 9:54 AM, Jorge Bay Gondra <>

> Hi,
> Now that the JavaScript GLV has been merged, it will be nice to have an
> official pre-release (RC / beta) on the npm package manager as soon as
> possible to allow users to start giving it a try.
> The package name identifier in the package.json is currently
> gremlin-javascript <>,
> which is under the tinkerpop organization created by Stephen:
> npm orgs are a nice feature as it let's you handle the team members that
> can be collaborators (publish versions).
> Jean-Baptiste offered
> <> to
> transfer ownership of gremlin <>
> package to TinkerPop, so we can publish the GLV under that package name. My
> only concern would be to break the functionality for current users, as the
> existent package has 3K downloads per month. I would prefer to include a
> message on the gremlin package explaining the difference with
> gremlin-javascript (or recommending the GLV for future development), but I
> don't feel strongly either way.
> Cheers,
> Jorge

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