This is generally a question for PMC members but anyone is really free to
offer thoughts if they have any. Are there any concerns about committers
(who are not on the PMC as of yet) handling convenience deployments? By
convenience deployments, i mean deployments to nuget, npm, pypi, etc. I ask
because we've run into an issue with:

and face a situation where the .NET tool chain currently doesn't properly
strong sign artifacts on linux/macos, leaving us to deploy from windows
where it does work right. As it stands, no one on the PMC really has a
windows system to deploy from, but we do have committers who do and would
be content to do the deployment.

Personally, I don't see a problem with this arrangement especially as we
have more and more specialized GLV environments to consider.

Anyway, if there are no objections in the next 72 hours, we'll proceed with
allowing committers to do these type of deployments.


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