Github user eonpatapon commented on the issue:
    After playing a bit, I'm not sure if what I want to do is supported by
    the gremlin-server. Actually I don't know how the bytecode should look.
    Given the following query in python GLV: 
        `g.V().has('foo', P.eq(('bar', 5)))`
    I translate it to the following bytecode:
        `[['V'], ['has', 'foo', ['eq', binding[bar=5]]]]`
    But this doesn't yield any results from the gremlin server.
    In tests I found some other form of query: `g.V().has('foo', ('bar',`, ie:
        `[['V'], ['has', 'foo', binding[bar=['eq', 5]]]]`
    But it doesn't yield any result either.
    Is there some bytecode reference somewhere to read more about it ? I
    didn't find any.


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