Hi All,

We are working on to expose metadata as part of gremlin to response to client. 
The metadata is simply a property bag to provide special message/hints to the 
client. But currently client libraries strip off everything and only return the 
data to the client.

Specifically, We want to expose details like Request Charge, Rate 
limiting/Retry policy details etc. In the other scenarios in Cosmos DB we 
provide these details to the client is through response headers. We did some 
investigation around this and one of the options is expose these is through 
response attributes. Gremlin Server can add metadata as part of gremlin 
response attributes (For example, set the property bag on 
ResponseStatus.Attributes for Gremlin.Net) that can be serialized by the client 
drivers to the clients.

We  would like to learn more if there are precedence around this and if there 
are any recommended ways to achieve this in Gremlin protocol and client drivers.

Thanks a lot,
Ashwini Singh
Software Engineer @ Azure Cosmos DB

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