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    --- Diff: docs/src/upgrade/release-3.4.x.asciidoc ---
    @@ -28,3 +28,8 @@ NEED AN IMAGE
     Please see the 
 for a complete list of all the modifications that are part of this release.
     === Upgrading for Users
    +==== Change in order of select() scopes
    +The order of select scopes has been changed to: maps, side-effects, paths
    +Previously the order was: side-effects, maps, paths - which made it almost 
impossible to select a specific map entry if a side-effect with the same name 
    --- End diff --
    two things: 
    1. Could you go the extra step and add an example of the behavior 
before/after the change. I think people would understand it better if they 
could see the example (remember the source in upgrade is static so you should 
just copy/paste the example from your console)
    2. note that we typically add a link to the relevant JIRA ticket:


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