Github user spmallette commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: gremlin-test/features/branch/Union.feature ---
    @@ -135,7 +135,6 @@ Feature: Step - union()
           | d[3].l   |
           | d[0].l   |
           | d[1.9].d |
    -      | d[0].i   |
    --- End diff --
    just so i'm clear, this value is no longer in the output because vadas (aka 
`v[2]`) has no out edges to sum a weight that right? if so, do you 
happen to know what catches the thrown `FastNoSuchElementException` and 
prevents it from bubbling up just kill the whole traversal? (i'm just trying to 
follow how the code works here for my own edification)


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