In a previous thread we had the idea that we would look to release
3.2.8/3.3.2 around the first week of April which means that we will likely
code freeze in about 10 days to focus on review/test/docs. I think that we
want to see these issues polished up before we release: (Support g:T for .NET) (Lambdas in .NET -
already has a PR) (Run .NET tests on
GraphSON 3.0) (A few failing tests
in .NET)

Jorge/Florian, hopefully you can help us get to the finish line on those
.NET issues?

The following 3 are all python related around lambdas and i think fixing
one will fix all (i'm still digging into these):

Obviously we would want to close out all current PRs that are open as well.
Committers, we could use some reviews please - there is a glut of them at
this point.

Interestingly there's no problems to solve with the Javascript GLV...I
guess I shouldn't be paranoid :)

Are there any concerns with trying to finish up the items I've posted?
Anyone know of anything else that is crucial for this release?

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